A guide to Malaga’s 7th Estival, the Contemporary Art Exhibition

The festival season is still underway, and the busiest city of Andalucia has yet another Art festival to offer to the art-thirsty locals and the curious tourists who will track down the street performances and could not resist joining in the fun! This “effervescent” version of Estival is all about the most positive, energetic, and of course, “bubbly” event; which is the literal meaning of the title! Displaying artwork that belongs under the umbrella of the Contemporary movement, Estival, Effervescent: the Contemporary Art Exhibition, is ready to take over the cultural audiences of Malaga. I am sure you were able to catch a big, blue poster all around Plaza Constitucion and Centro Historico, advertising this meet-up of great audiovisual artists, video artists, musicians, performers, and other important celebrities of the artistic sphere. It was hard to miss, just like this series of events!

This right now is the final week of Estival, between the 20th and the 27th, but, it did start on the 7th of June. With the Exhibition’s closing taking place next Friday. Packed with a series of diverse and versatile exhibitions, this successful organization, that was able to run for the 7th time in a row, utilizes a variety of Malaga’s high-ranked cultural spaces: La Casa Amarilla , Ateneo de Malaga, Carmen Thyssen Museum, Russian Art Museum Malaga, Centre Pompidou Malaga, Casa Natal De Picasso Museum

Estival’s 2024 Opening Event

The modern cultural fiesta, that is this festival, kicked things off on June 7th, with a collab between MissKafeina and Heroin Cult, exhibiting deeply sensual pieces and at the same time deliberately cut out every part of the shame attached to the outdated taboo nature of sexual discourse in Art.

The importance of “Bazar” as a concept in La Casa Amarilla’s presence in Estival

Within the context of Estival, a lot more events are scheduled to -literally- take over the streets of Malaga by 20.00 o’clock tomorrow, on Saturday 22/06. Two bazaars are going to take place tomorrow in La Casa Amarilla, reminding everybody that this Estival is far from ordinary. As it is mentioned in the digital flyer of the exhibition, the concept of a Bazar has its roots in Persia, the historic region of southwestern Asia, and it is what people  would call a public market. Furthermore, Amarilla has proudly accepted the title of the city’s bazaar of Contemporary Art, all the while claiming the subsequent attributes of inclusivity, hospitality, and a wide variety of high in demand products, to cater to the people who are looking for them.

To read more on Casa Amarilla’s mentality, current or later exhibitions, and on its relation to Estival, click here.

Notable artistic interventions and performances to join in

All three days, the 26th, 27th, and 29th, are down for interactive and highly performative tours of the historic center of Malaga. Artists Evelyne Rigaud, Yosbani, and Niche Ramírez are going to explore some of the very sensitive social issues of gender construction and its impact on the world and the distortion of personal reflection under the microscope of public scrutiny. All of these themes are going to be illustrated through several artistic means and taking advantage of the exposure given by the outdoor setting of the streets.

Finally, do recall not to miss all three of the individual Bazaars: CUERPO BAZAR, MICOR BAZAR, and FIESTA BAZAR. The first two are scheduled for the 22nd and they will be running simultaneously at 20.00 o’clock. While the last one will be on the 23rd at 19.00.

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