One week of techno in Malaga: FLAMA festival June 28th- 29th

BIG NEWS The city of Malaga, as is made evident by the weekly versatile events that have been piling up in the “noteworthy section”, is about to add a highly anticipated event to the mix!  One month after Foolk, the first Sonovisual festival that returned in La Termica, Malaga, everything pointed in the direction that the festival was not going to pass by unnoticed!  It introduced a plethora of workshops enriched with practical knowledge on the intersection of technology and digital arts. This type of organization, which deliberately encourages the audience to have contact with the “inner workings” of multiple media, was an act previously unheard of in these lands. 

What is the most female-friendly festival that takes place this week and is addressed to audiophiles and ravers, as well?


A musical project dedicated to the union of sound and image, and strengthened by the female masterminds behind its creation. Paloma Penarunia and Araceli Martin Chicano have created FLAMA with a very deliberate objective: to promote women artists and their work. One very effective way to be more outspoken and active in the integration of women in the experimental-electronic sphere of the Arts is to put together an event, celebrating success stories of local protagonists in the electronic scene

All the DJ sets Available at Saturday 29th of June

At Sala Trinchera

With a confirmed line of several carefully- picked out selectors, like Filipino- American, San Fransisco resident Unami is going to cook and serve a soulful mix, with a very recent quality of sound, that also evokes audio-generated nostalgia, in the sneakiest way possible. Simultaneously, Beatrix Weapons, the hyperpop artist with the vocally fragile tracks and, Barcelona based Maritxell de Torro are all gonna be featured.  The last one, Maritxell has made it her business to play as many beloved tracks as possible, just after she has deconstructed them! Put on your waterproof mascara because there are even more to come! Italian Fernada Arrau and locals Ylia and Carmen Liria are gonna move us with their ultra-rhythmic, emotive and versatile Techno. Beware of the vibrations from the dancefloors, at Sala Trichera!

A Sound Installation and a Workshop Available at the 28th of June

At Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Málaga

Newly crowned legends are going to manifest their brilliance and illustrate how they work in respective fields, such as Sound Design and Digital art and Electronic Music. Field- recording expert Clara brea, will portray her Madrid soundscape, a collage of the cities urbanities in a reimagined version, fascilitated by the tool of wireless helmets. The sound instalation is set to start at 18.00. Will the natural setting of the gardens in Colegio Arquitectos juxtapose the landscape of Madrid’s concrete jungle? Join this event for free and find out on your own!

At Polo Nacional de Contenidos Digitales

Maribell Tafur will gather all her communicative powers to hold a Workshop on Soundscapes. Taking over this space that is highly connected with video games and world bulding, she will use her audio branding expertise to provide insight to the listeners on creative process behind gererating Soundscapes.

All these women from all- around the electronic Spanish scene, are about to visit Malaga, enriching the sound/ visual landscape and inspiring the new artists and audiences. FLAMA will make an effort to promote an elevated form that, an audiovisual experience comes out of the merging of the two seperate qualities. The festival shall continue carrying its own individual identity, to leave its own mark, which will help pave the way for more and more alternative cultural events to come. Finally, will this result in a subsequently altered core of the city’s entertainment field? It is yet to be discovered… 

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