Slam poetry “malaka” returns in Malaga

Today’s practices make it harder and harder to avoid being ethically jeopardized each day, with every lawful procedure being turned into a disgrace constantly. The new reality is for the “big names”, institutions, multinational companies, deciding to hold a “profile of neutrality”, which is marketed as just a refusal to take a stance, a statement which could not have been farther from the truth. Especially during wartime, with the world being faced with one of the bloodiest genocides to ever exist, in Gaza, any seemingly “apolitical action” is deeply political. No sector is safe from unending biases and easy vilification, not even The Arts can be saved. Although it is true that wherever there is art, there are people and wherever there are people, there is false consciousness and ignorant ideologies. Amongst this chaos of controversy, Slam Poetry events feel like precious protected corners.

Slam poetry is right around the corner in Malaga

Running since March 2022, The Poetry Slam Malaka in Málaga, returns on June 28th, for another unforgettable event dedicated to Co-Responsibility. Together with Arrabal Association and the organizer, they facilitated a poetic session that will be open to any aspiring or experienced poet, local artists or even observer/poetry lover who plans to be in Malaga during the end of the month! The Patio del CEIP Practicas No, at la Higuera of the Ateneo de Málaga, is going to be filled with everyday- people, the artists “next door”, who will have the eagerness to put their work to the test and see if it engages well with a real audience. A very special gathering, the season finale of the national circuit of Poetry Slam Spain. Previously, this event taking place in Malaga has been a monthly occasion, where great minds can meet. The starting time of the event is 18.45 and the festivities are going to last up until 21.00. Be there as quickly as possible since the admission is free until the space reaches full capacity. A member of the artistic community of Andalucia and Southern Spain, known as Juan “el indio” shall be featured that night. For more info on the host of the show and how you can register to be one of the people, whose work shall be heard, visit the IG of Poetry Slam Malaga.

Slam Poetry and how it came to be?

Like any other Art form, Slam poetry is not easy to define. It is about forming your own words to form descriptions of your own identity, revealing all the while, that society is continuously failing to ascribe precise experience to certain identities and even to put into words certain “yous”. Refugees, women, black people, Muslims and other ethnic groups are dealt with racial prejudice and have to face the consequences some grave misconceptions around minorities, have on them. That is why when those minorities have a chance to scream at the world, it is so loud it cannot be ignored. Resembling an actual scream at times, while on others maintaining an intense fast-paced rhythm of spoken word poem. Moving away from traditionalism and its strict form and mandatory rhyme, Slam poetry resembles either the type of Free-verse poetry, escaping cultural limitation, through committing to the style and register of the Spoken-word; And to an oral nature, with an added emphasis on the performative elements of the presentation.

Although its origins are much easier to pinpoint. The title of the forerunner has been given to a poet and construction worker, Marc Kelly Smith, who started it in Chicago, Illinois, during the 1980s. The purpose behind it was for the Chicago poet, to reintroduce passion back to poetry readings, which he believed to have been long lost. Another one of his driving forces was the lack of wider accessibility to poetry, which should have always been for the masses and the general public to enjoy; not limited to the highly educated elite. In this light, it began as competitive performance events in bars and cafes.

A democratic poetic competition

The word “democratic” can still be ascribed to Slam Poetry, within the context of this art form being held as a competition. In spite of the word being faced with an act of erasing, from the lexicon of the leftist circles, due to its being deprived of every ounce of its original meaning, it retains the original qualities both in the use of the language and on what the word-symbol represents. Except for achieving catharsis, by performing a poem on a particular theme, another aim is to create a sonic output, equally rich in content to move the panel and the audience; and, vulnerable enough, emotionally so as to speak your truth, expressing your viewpoint on a matter.

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