Animum- Malaga has one of the top schools in Digital Art and 3D Design

Were you interested in knowing where you can find the best Spanish-speaking school of Digital Art and 3D design in the world? Animum School of Digital Arts, Malaga Andalucia, provides top-ranked training programs, designed to meet the needs of the highly competitive labor market. Being skillful, artistic, and originally creative are important qualities when you are aiming to enter the field of Entertainment or Media, but let’s be real with you, it’s not enough.

Multinational companies, Animation Studios, and production companies are all going to demand extensive proof, and most frequently the word “portfolio” is going to come up in the ad for the job application. This frequent requirement, which comes in the digital- file of a highly professional, coherent, and organized, bound-together form of all your previous projects, is super scary to build by yourself! With their 100%, not only do they give you a lot of independence in order to efficiently use your time at your own space, creating a very personalized course of training; but also, with their help, Animum can guarantee, that you are not going to complete the degree without holding an enviable, rich in quality-content portfolio that’s going to make it hard for the industry giants to say no!

Further reasons why it is a leading school in its category

In this particular field of expertise, which is very specific on one hand and extremely multi-dimensional and versatile on the other, you can find a variety of  Specialization programs, both BA and MA, taught by professionals, that are very high in demand in their respective fields. Succesful people, who have been in the Business and made their mark. For instance, some of the highly- praised teachers of the School is the DreamWorks Animator Isaac Gonzales, Intel Studio’s technical director Beatriz Lorenzo and CG FX Artist Carlos Guzman, whose collective accomplishments can fill the length of the article. Just to name a few of their contributions to the industry, they have worked in:  DUNE, Maleficent, THOR: The Dark World, Fast and Furious 6, Spider- Man: Into The Spiderverse and Hotel Transylvenia 2.

To read more on the different carreer options, the programs  which fashilitate them and their instructors, take a look at their website.

Balanced incorporation of theory and practical utilization

It’s so rare to come across programs and institutions with a metality of upholding the perfect balance between a theoretical foundation in the courses/modules or seminars and to be able to support and employ all of that theory by equipping their students with equally strong practical knowledge and follow-up opportunities for application.

Go way beyond its base in Andalucia, Spain

International utilization of the knowledge acquired, which is not at all limited to local demands. The stats on the percentage of people receiving a degree from the Creativity Advanced School… The rate is completely through the roof, according to their website, up to 93% of the graduates get a job in their position of choice, building their perfect careers. If you have yet to be convinced, in this case, titles speak louder than words and I shall continue the name-dropping of the acclaimed, multi-billion Multinational companies, which still welcome in their teams, Animum-educated people. Those companies are Sony, Illumination, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Industrial Light & Magic, and El Ranchito. Very prestigious and highly paid professional gigs were secured in this case for people who played the “Animum card”. Go acquire your degree and there will be a chance for you as well, right around the corner!

Would you be elated to start a career in Cartoon Animation by joining the team of Pixar, DreamWorks, and other high-profile companies like that? Do you see gaming as way more than a hobby and you find yourself attempting to build one? Are you interested in Scenario or Character modeling? Are you passionate about Visual Effects or Concept Art? All of those majors and so much more you can find if you apply to Animum! Do it now and see doors suddenly opening for you and your dream reality unfolding in front of your eyes!

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