One week of techno in Malaga: DJ sets from June 17th to the 22nd

If you live in Malaga, you probably have noticed that the atmosphere is super festive at all times. How is that possible? Even the Spaniards, who come from elsewhere and experience the city for the first time, cannot believe their eyes. It’s mid-week and nobody is just at home, chilling. From crazy-long queues the size of the “calles estrechas” to never really “calling it a night” earlier than 5 am, you cannot really skip the night-out portion of the Malaga experience. Really, there is always something going on. So, let’s break down this week’s most “heated” dancefloors the city has to offer!

Unraveling the top picks for our techno-obsessed for all of you who live and breathe electronic tracks and are hyped for a night out, if only it contains a set by the DJs you have been following:


Thursdays are for Fiebre Club only! Providing you with an early start on your weekend adventures and to kick things off, the team of Fiebre, that operates in two separate venues: Velvet Club for the main event and The Club, for their afterparty rituals, impress with this week’s guest. Coming all the way from Mexico, Mau Moctezuma is going to be in town! This man is no other than a genre-bending acclaimed DJ, who maneuvers all across the spectrum of music from pop to experimental. Not only is he an interesting selector but also, he is the creator of Antro Juan, an alternative party, which has already written history in Mexico City.


The spacious Studio Club, which has been showcasing an insane track of bookability, has been the number one choice for ultra-rhythmic moments for the scenes of techno-house and their respective branches of subgenres. The line up of that Friday features MARRØN, an Amsterdam habitué, whose extremely evolved and refined style minimalistic,  resembling a pure-flow of energy, a description he himself gave in Magazine NUMÉRO NETHERLANDS.  Timelessness and the rhythmic quality of sound is what forms the purest form of techno, which he represents. Matching the energy and style of the former selector is the Italian Adiel who has been more than once described as hypnotic, eerie and ecstatic, by both Resident Advisor and DJ mag. The sound that she coins as her own is performed through a type of world-building that is very easily distinguishable and atmospheric.


When it comes to your favourite places, does it really matter if you have yet to recover your sleeping schedule? No, in this case sleep is for the weak! Therefore, if your wallet could handle it, join Studio Club for the two consecutive days. After all, Saturday is really not the day for staying in. Take a quick bus to Torremolinos and experience the groovy house of Miss Monique, Ukrainian DJ and label owner. Sampling a lot of tracks that incorporate trance and techno, her diverse influences and her execution has made her rapidly rise into fame.

SAT 22/ 06 (ALSO) PIKOTEO CLUB meets Love In The Endz

There is a side of Malaga, where an ever-lasting breeze of youth is blowing; And fashionable people dressed in harnesses, fish-nets and parachute pants, synchronize to the beat dropping, in the background. If you remember from a different post Pikoteo is the place to introduce the craziest, most-talented underground people, with the willingness to reach this beautiful part of Andalucia. But, this time they have outdone themsleves, with this particular collab. Teaming up with the interdisciplinary collective Love In The Endz  featuring a special selection of selectors: Londoner Blue Canariñho, italian LOELASH and many others. Visit the collectives IG to get more updates on the event and more info on the art and  projects of the people involved.

Listen carefully to the following advice: life is about the choices you make. And this choice is a hard one! Which one of the above is it going to be?

Are you still in your uni-era and you are experiencing a moment of bliss and relief, since you were able to endure yet another one of those super stressful periods of your life, that is exam season? Now, you can focus again on what was really important for you, before: The club and surely, there is some major catching-up to be done! This week is all about recovering the time you lost from your clubbing routine. It’s time for you to get back at all of your friends, whose stories on IG you had to keep watching painfully! The easiest way to achieve that is by getting tickets to any of the parties recommended above. I promise you will not be sorry!

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