Chicago the Musical- a broadway play arrives in Malaga

Fresh from New York City, Broadway is “making the rounds” once again, doing one of its usual tours, this time with a production of the musical Chicago. If you are like me and have found yourself singing “All that Jazz,” flattening that C major that Catherine Zeta-Jones was singing in the motion picture, you would kill for an opportunity to witness such an astonishing performance in person. However, if it is your first time ever hearing about this acclaimed theatrical masterpiece, let me break it down for you:

As the number one running American musical in the history of Broadway, Chicago can never be “passé” or old news. Its debut performance was thrown back in the 1970s, quickly facilitating its renowned name around audiences worldwide. The name with which one should associate Chicago’s success; the director, who was the backbone of the original production both on and off Broadway (Philadelphia) is Bob Fosse.

The plot is centered around a long string of homicides, performed by women during the Jazz era. As one can easily deduce, if only they research Maurine Dallas Watkins’ reports on the profiles of the actual criminals, the point that needs to be made is that attractiveness and youth were the two weapons against an all-male jury and, they worked! Do the women protagonists get any punishment or did they receive “special treatment,”? In which parts of the play is the injustice and corrupted structure of the criminal law system highlighted? Those are questions that can onl;y be answered to you if you attend this briliant work, showacased in Malaga, for a limited amount of time!

Hitting the number 34 million in viewership and counting, 27 years this production has been really unstoppable… Therefore, no one could get on their way to put down Malaga as the first location to hit, once their appearances in the Ambassador Theatre in New York are complete. Mark your calendars: The production is going to be available between July 18 and August 4. This magical treat for the eyes and the ears, consisting of many musical numbers by 24 top-tier performers, is going to make a full circle, by completing a total of twenty-two performances, one for each day. Watching Broadway, away from NY’s busy avenue is now a possibility for you, right here in Cervantes Theatre in Malaga. Go buy your tickets here now, so that you can be the first one to watch the show and brag to your artsy friends about it.

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