Rosas café in Marbella: the top spot for a girls night out?


pink decorated cafe

It is no news that Malaga boast restaurants, bars and taverns among locals and tourists. The city center along with all the cities and towns of the province offer you both traditional and special dining options. You need not worry because regardless of your tastebuds and budget, I’m sure you can find spots that suit you. Sometimes, you might look for a specific special place, example for a girls night out. In that case this article will be quite helpful.

Rosas café chosen by Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan magazine has listed down 36 restaurants in Spain that are perfect for hanging out with friends and worthy of an Instagram post. Among this extensive list of restaurants, Rosas Café in Marbella is highlighted as top choice in Malaga. Why Rosas Café? First off because of its perfect location in Marbella. With a few minutes drive from Malaga city center you arrive at the beautiful coastal city of Marbella. Now this cafe’s location makes things even more perfect with its pink decor and provided ambiance. Rosas café has a heavenly menu for both sweet and healthy options lovers. This makes it not only a breakfast cafe, but also the perfect spot for lunch and casual meet up with friends.

Cosmopolitan highlights this cafe as one that has a unique blend of international flavours made with local ingredients. Additionally, if you have a pet that’s even more a reason to visit because they offer a menu for pets. Their pink eggs and pink waffles are among visitors favourite for meal and dessert. A fun fact is that the pink waffle is not only pink but it’s also decorated with edible flowers and the average price per visitor is only 25 euros.

Rosas café offer you a breakfast menu that’s served all day. We all know that for late breakfast eaters, having a timing on breakfast menus can be quite annoying. Moreover, the main dishes menu has a variety of burgers, wraps, lasagna and salmon options. In summary, if you are in Marbella or anywhere in Malaga province you should visit. Rosas café is not just a simple cafe, it offers you a mix of food options, a unique ambiance and of course pet friendly options.

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