Can Mijas prevent wildfires this summer? New campaign aims to raise awareness

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The drought in Costa del Sol affects the water use in the region by its citizens and for the region. However, drought caused by warm summer months is high likely going to affect the nature because it means that it’s genuinely hot. Mijas, a town of Malaga is unfortunately be one of the towns facing a mega threat of forest fires. The town itself is known to be extra hot on hot days due to its natural features so that makes it prone to experience a bigger threat. In order to address this issue, the town hall of Mijas initiates a campaign on wildfire prevention.

Wildfire prevention campaign

This comprehensive campaign shall focus on raising awareness on wildfire and promote methods to avoid forest fires from happening. Mayor Ana Mata shares that they plan to showcase the campaign through various channels, local television and on social media platforms. Furthermore, they’re using a dual language initiative to promote the campaign both in English and Spanish. Mijas town has a history with forest fires that left major damage on the environment. The Andalusian regional regulations highlights Mijas as a particularly vulnerable town for forest fires. This explains even more why super hot summer days are a threat for Mijas residents.
A single spark can ruin an entire summer and don’t let the spark of summer turn into flames is the slogan of this wildfire campaign. With these slogans, the town hall of Mijas highlight the devastation that is bound to happen with a single spark. Additionally, they want to encourage the whole community to take preventive actions to avoid this from happening. Raising awareness through illustrative posters is one thing. But actually encouraging residents to take individual measures to avoid a catastrophe from happening is another. Usual the most spoken language and the main tourist language English will attract more people in the community.

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