Skewers aren’t just for sardines: what’s cooking on the Costa del Sol?

anchovy with lemon plate

In Costa del Sol, a renowned beach tradition is having local espeto dish in other words grilled sardines. Although some people believe that the slow burning fires where sardines are made are specifically for espetos, so many more dishes can be made with it. Nerja and Manilva along with towns between these two towns have chiringuitos with a wide range of grilled seafood including shellfish and cephalopods.

Expanding grilled seafood

Of course, espetos stays the star of the show as they are a local must have beach food. However, multiple types of fish including those smaller than sardines are good to go on skewers. Additionally, you could grill red sea bream, megrim sole, turbot, red mullet, sea bass etc on skewers. Which means that this cooking method is not just for certain type of dish, it is versatile enough. Miguel León of La Mar Bonita at La Carihuela in Torremolinos quotes that there’s no fish that you can’t skewer. At his chiringuito, Miguel grills flavourful large anchovies the same way he grills espetos. Moreover, you could find fresh grilled anchovies fished from the local port at El Saladero in La Caleta de Vélez.

Fun fact, although one can skewer many fishes, the method of skewering differs depending on the size of the fish. Skewering sardines and anchovies happens under the tail while larger ones are  through the mouth. A Diverse Seafood Menu If you’re craving grilled cod loin and bluefin tuna, make a visit to Vincent Playa on Sacoba Beach. Additionally, they grill red mullet, mackerel, John dory and so much more mouth watering options. Keep in mind that you can find European squid at many chiringuitos near the beaches of Costa del Sol. Usually, chiringuitos serve European squid with garlic and parsley sauce. In conclusion, there’s many other fish that can you could skewer so don’t limit yourself to espetos.

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