Cheers to Malaga: exploring top cocktail bars in Malaga according to TCB

Ever heard about the hype of Malaga cocktail culture or, overall, its drinking culture? It’s all deserved because if you seek good and classic cocktails, Malaga has something for you. In this guide, we’ll share the best places to sip on a delicious cocktail in the beautiful city of Malaga. The original guide in this article comes from a prestigious guide renowned for being the Michelin guide for food. TCB, aka Top Cocktail Bars, nominated three hotspot cocktail bars in Malaga as must-visits.

Chester & Punk

On top of this prestigious list, we have Chester & Punk. You can find this gem on Calle Mendez Nunez, not far from the renowned Picasso Museum in Malaga. What makes them truly unique and the winner here, is how they mix their drinks and how much creative blend they put in them. You get to indulge in their classic Lady Boy, filled with mint, coconut, cucumber, lime, tequila and soda. What a dreamy combination, isn’t it?
If Lady Boy is not your cup of tea, then perhaps you could take a sip of their famous Break the Mould cocktail. This cocktail is made with white wine, gin, pineapple, lemon and rosemary and is something you should not miss out on. Additionally, this is the ideal place to bring your friends for a fun night out so you get to enjoy the live music together while sipping on those cocktails. Definitely give this place a try and see for yourself what the hype is all about.

Speakeasy: cocktail bars in Malaga

At the second spot, we have Speakeasy, a very famous chain bar with two different locations. With one location being Malaga city Center and the other on the vibrant Fuengirola, this place get to welcome visitors and locals alike. Now the thing is, from a mouth-to-mouth review, you might hear someone describe this place as exclusive and elegant. Do not doubt their words, as this is exactly what they stand for. You can see the sophistication in every sip you take from their drinks. One of the must-try drinks made by Speakeasy employees are Kaffir Life Soda, Green Chartreuse, Krypton cocktail and Tanqueray Gin. Additionally, they serve unique renditions of renowned classic cocktails like Manhattans and Negronis.
The owners of Speakeasy share how truly honored they are to be featured in this TCB. Both locations are as good as each other so it doesn’t matter which one you visit but you should definitely try them. Hurry up and let your taste buds be the judge of their cocktails.
However, if you have already visited these cocktail bars in Malaga, then let us know your personal verdict.

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