Water management: has Malaga finally been granted pool filling privileges?

We’re coming in hot with this great news for Malaga residents. Tourists also played a huge role in the high demand for filling swimming pools. Finally, authorities have granted permission to fill all private swimming pools in Malaga throughout the summer. This request has been ongoing for months but the results prove how crucial it is to find a balance between water conservation and economic growth. After all, tourism brings a lot of economic growth to the province so making them satisfied can sometimes be a delicate issue.

Cadiz and Almeria have not yet gotten approval or rejection. They await updates impatiently since the drought challenges in the regions need to be addressed. The Junta de Andalucia recently shared their opinion regarding Malaga filling their swimming pools. The Junta de Andalucia acknowledges that Malaga is a major tourist destination in Andalucia during the summer months.

Sustainable approach

However, the minister for sustainability, Ramon Fernandez Pacheco, highlights the need to maintain a sustainable approach. He emphasises that, despite lifting the pool filling restrictions, the province should remain vigilant. Fernandez also agreed that it was important to keep a balance between tourism satisfaction and economic growth. However, he does not encourage going over the current limit of 200 liters per person per day.
Fernandez emphasized a seldom-discussed issue, which is avoiding discrepancies between municipalities. Other regions in Andalucia still need to undergo individual assessments this month. Therefore, claiming that drought concerns have been resolved is important to avoid. Furthermore, according to Fernandez, during the upcoming weeks, drought committees will keep monitoring reservoir levels closely. Moreover, he promises that their aim is to promote sustainability and fairness while finding strategies for water management. He ensures that they will keep doing everything they can for sustainable solutions in the future of pool filling.

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