Pablo Ibarburu Brings ‘Chico Glamour’ to Málaga: all the info you need

Run, do not walk, because Pablo Ibarburu is coming to Malaga. How exciting is that? This famous comedian who played in “La Resistencia” will be heading south for his new show. The show will take place at La Cochera Cabaret this Friday, May 10th. However, with the fame that this hilarious comedian has, tickets are almost sold out. His debut show was a huge success that brought laughter to attendees and this time he is going to showcase “Choco Glamour.”. Few years ago, Pablo did stand-up gigs in New York City, U.S.A. Now he is someone who has grown to be a major name in Spanish comedy.
He earned a degree in audiovisual communication before he started performing in bars in New York. At certain point, he decided to return to Madrid and that’s when things totally changed for him. Pablo continued to perform in local venues in Madrid until 2018, when he got a spot on LocoMundo. This new spot secured him a regular gig on La Resistencia, giving him stability and consistency. Additionally, he shared his humour on programs like Don’t miss anything, El Intermedio and Yu. His debut video, titled “La ahora de Pablo Ibarburu,” gained over 250.000 views on YouTube.

About the upcoming show

With the upcoming show “Chico Glamour,” Pablo promises to transport the audience deeper into his journey with topics like dreams and their impact on his life. Moreover, he will cover his pre-television work experience in details and how he got to be where he is at right now. Chico Glamour aims to shed light on “the oppressive weight of our obligations” in a humorous and authentic way.
At La Cochera Cabaret in Malaga, you can witness the evolution of his life as a comedian. Make sure to get your tickets before it’s too late and take this opportunity to immerse yourself even more in the Spanish culture. The show includes two sessions, one at 7:30 Pm and the other at 10pm both on may 10th. Tickets are limited and start from 16 euros and can be purchased at La Cochera Cabaret website.

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