Basketball Champions League semifinals in Malaga: a guide for fans

The Basketball Champions League (BCL), in short, is approaching and has left basketball fans quite excited. However, Unicaja Malaga fans are not that at ease since getting to Belgrade is a bit tricky. Although it might not generally be feasible for many fans to get there, a solution has been found. Unicaja has set up a plan to make sure that supporters will still somehow experience the semifinals in all its thrills.

Enjoy the semifinals from home

Getting to Belgrade might not be an easy journey for Malaga fans and it costs quite a bit of money. Which is why, Unicaja wants to implement a solution for this issue. On Friday, the 26th of April, the Martín Carpena Arena will open its doors. The club allows fans to attend and watch the semifinal show of Unicaja vs. UCAM Murcia on the big screen. On the club’s website, fans can purchase up to two tickets per person for the match on April 26th. All seats have a number so there is no need to necessarily arrive earlier since your seat is secured. When the arena becomes full, no more fans are allowed to join so get your tickets as soon as possible.
Previously, the Martín Carpena Arena had shown the Eurocup final against Valencia on the big screens. Additionally, in 2007, the arena screened the Euroliga Final Four in Athens as well. These previous examples show that it’s not the first time that the city has found a suitable solution for basketball fans to enjoy matches from home. If the tickets sell out while you still want to attend, there’s another solution. The club will organise another viewing party for this match on Sunday, April 28th. That’s, of course, if the stadium is full. Keep in mind that you can only download your tickets after the semi-final match is over.

The full basketball fan experience

Arena bars will also be open during the viewing party so you can grab a drink and enjoy the show all hydrated. All in all, the Martín Carpena Arena offers you the perfect alternative to see this match. Of course, you can watch the match live from home but the experience is better when you can cheer with a bunch of people at an arena, right? So make sure to grab your tickets fast and bring your best supportive energy for Unicaja.

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