Benamocarra: why is it the musical heartbeat of Malaga province?

Benamocarra, a village situated in the Axarquia area of Malaga province, is trying to remind people of its rich musical heritage. This is another city in southern Spain where Arabs have left quite a mark in history. The village is more than just a picturesque neighbourhood of the province, it shows its profound passion for music.  Benamocarra is surrounded by almond groves and olives facing the River Vélez valley.

The musical face Benamocarra

Nearly two centuries ago, Eduardo Ocón, one of the most renowned composers in Spain, was born in Benamocarra. Due to his fame and his being a relevant face in the music industry of Spain, a monument has been made in his honour. He left a major influence on the village’s musical spirit, inspiring generations and generations. The way the village embraces music in their lives makes it stand out as the most musical village in the province. Additionally, another famous tribute takes place yearly on one of the most important dates in the village, the Day of Music.

Benamocarra, pays homage to Ocón by decorating its street with symbolic lyre harps and commemorating its legacy through statues. While walking through the streets of Benamocarra, you will find instruments like guitars, saxophones and, overall, a harmonious vibe. These instruments, alongside theatrical masks, serve as a reminder of how important music is within the community of Benamocarra.

However, what is Malaga, Costa del Sol or Spain in general without its rich cultural tapestry? Of course, the province has so much more to offer but one of the core things is its tapestry. The streets of Benamocarra currently transport you to a history ride from Al Andaluz days to now. You will also get to experience this feeling even more when you perceive the Parish church of Santa Ana. This church is an old yet timeless landmark of the village that has old but gold relics about the past of the village.

Furthermore, you will not be able to resist the temptation of trying the culinary heritage of Benamocarra. The mouth-watering gazpacho frito will reveal the village’s culinary talents and mysteries. Visit Benamocarra for a rich history with a blend of culture and gastronomy.

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