Harmony for humanity: which village is going to host a fundraiser for gaza victims?

Comares, a village in the Axarquia region of Malaga, is set to host a charity event this Saturday, April 20. Known as the balcony of the Axarquia, Comares is a Moorish village full of white houses. It is positioned on top of a mountain, the highest in the whole region. This charity event is a way that the village uses to show solidarity and compassion for important matters. The event will welcome some singers and bands that are mainly composed of foreign residents in the region. All these talents will unite for a noble cause, which is to support the innocent victims of the conflict. It is also their way of raising awareness regarding the whole Israel-Hamas conflict in Gaza.

This charity event will take place in Los Ventorros district around the Table Mountain restaurant, starting at 3 pm.  You can find the restaurant at Lugar Ventorros 13, 15, 29195 Comares, Málaga, Spain. Mentally Ska’d, a renowned local band, will kickstart the event with an electrifying performance. Julie Abedin, the leader of Mentally Ska’d, shared how excited she is for both the performances and other activities. Furthermore, other local musicians, such as The Rats, Tom Shackleton, Soul FX, etc., will join the performance.

Performances and more

Enjoying these performances live is not the only thing awaiting attendees of this event. Various raffles that come with prizes are available for attendees to join. Additionally, the great-reviewed restaurant in the area, Table Mountain, will contribute their own part for the charity event. For every lasagna and pizza ordered during the event, the restaurant will donate three euros from the fixed price.

All the money gathered will go towards the Gaza Emergency Appeal through Global Giving and also through medical aid for Palestinians. Abedin, one of the organizers, shares that this event makes them feel like at least they are doing the bare minimum to help. Witnessing all those innocent children caught in the struggles of the war breaks her heart and doing this makes her feel a bit at ease. She also shares that a war targeting a population, no matter their race or religion, is a crime against humanity.

This charity event is a reminder that music unites all. Music goes beyond borders and barriers while making a connection in the name of humanity. If you are around, make sure to attend this noble cause event.

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