Exploring international dishes: top three British restaurants in Malaga

Malaga is undoubtedly famous for its rich cultural tapestry and culinary delights. However, did you know that this Costa del Sol city has a variety of international dining options? Among these options, British cuisine holds a special place in this city. During the past years, the biggest international community living in Malaga has been the British community. Especially in Fuengirola and Benalmádena, you can find a large expat community living in those neighbourhoods.

The British presence highly influenced the languages spoken in the region. Spanish and English are the most spoken languages in Malaga. As an expat who does not speak Spanish, you do not need to worry, as almost everyone has a basic understanding of English and could help you out. In this article, we’ll show you the top three British restaurants in Malaga, updated to April 2024.

Bar Chill

Situated near the beach in Torremolinos, Bar chill is a renowned British bar and cafe. When you search for this bar on TripAdvisor, you will find that the food, service, value and atmosphere are all five stars. This is the perfect indicator that you should give this bar a try while you are in Malaga. You can find freshly made pies and sausages to satisfy your English food cravings. Additionally, puds, roasties, and cut pork with apple sauce and cauliflower cheese are part of their menu. Even if you are not familiar with English food, the hosts take their time explaining every detail to you in a friendly manner. Moreover, you could enjoy their snacks and desserts with company in the cozy atmosphere and decor of Bar Chill.

The Carvery

Another British gem is located in Torremolinos. Could Torremolinos be the hub for British food in Malaga? Just like its name suggests, this place serves carvery. Carvery is basically a pub where cooked meat is freshly sliced for customers to order. This place, just like many other carvery spots, offers unlimited servings in buffet style for the same price. If you are seeking a warm and friendly place to eat, The Carvery is a family restaurant that offers a familiar feeling.

Tudor Rose

At the Paseo Maritimo in Torremolinos, Tudor Rose is a British and Irish restaurant. This restaurant is within a resort that welcomes various tourists and visitors throughout the year. Tudor Rose has been advocated by many as the best breakfast place around the resort. They serve authentic real english sausage, bacon and heinz baked beans. If you come across reviews about this place, you will surely see many mentions of Sophie. She is the server of this place and always uses friendly manners in her work.

Being outside of the UK does not mean that you can’t find authentic english food in Malaga. The city offers various British breakfast, lunch and dinner options for all tastes.

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