Prime destination for learning spanish: how high did Malaga score?

Have you been looking for the perfect place to learn and improve your Spanish language skills? Consider putting Malaga at the top of your list of choices. This vibrant city, located on the Costa del Sol in Andalusia, is perfect for this goal. Recently, Malaga has gained the title of the number one city for learning the spanish language. Holidu, a holiday booking platform, conducted this recent research and revealed Malaga to be on top of the votes.

best city for learning spanish

Many people might argue that the distinctive accent and dialect of Malaga are more difficult since they are rapidly spoken. However, Malaga remains the city voted as the prime location for both Spanish and general language learning. Holidu based their analysis on factors such as the fact that Malaga has diverse language schools and language immersion possibilities. Additionally, the friendly locals make interaction with them helpful for those learning a language. Language exchange events are also extremely beneficial for practicing language skills with fellow learners and native speakers.

Not only did Malaga score as the number one place to learn spanish, it secured the fifth position globally for language learning. This ranking was closely behind Taipei in Taiwan, Varsovia in Poland, Zagreb in Croatia and Wroclaw again in Poland. Even though Malaga ranked fifth globally, the city still managed to score 9.5 out of 10, making it the perfect destination for language enthusiasts.

The number of language schools available in Malaga is not the only reason the city scored this high. The safety index in Malaga, boasting a score of 71.14, increases the city’s appeal since it is considered a secure and welcoming environment. Additionally, the expat culture and the number of remote work options available in the city make me extra appealing. Basically, the city is the best spot to combine language learning with your professional pursuits.

Hospitality plays a high role

When it came to hospitality towards foreigners, Malaga scored five out of five in the Holidu research. This result truly sets them apart from other contestant cities like Valencia, Barcelona and Madrid. The way locals welcomes foreigners makes them feel included and warm. This, in turn, facilitates cultural and language exchange.

If you have been hesitating on where to take spanish classes, make sure to check out Malaga. It’s warm weather, sunny beaches will surely attract you. Moreover, if you are a spanish gastronomy lover, you will surely have the time of your life in Malaga.

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