Degusta Casares food fair: what is in for Gazpacho lovers?

Are you in Malaga on the weekend of Saturday, April 20th, and Sunday, April 21st? That means you are in for a treat during the Degusta Casares event. On the western side of Malaga province, you can find the gorgeous small village of Casares. This village is organising a vibrant food and culture fair this upcoming weekend. It is the perfect occasion to discover the mouth watering culinary heritage of the region.

Down for a gazpacho?

One thing that people are looking forward to during this weekend event is the gazpacho competition. For those who might have never heard of gazpacho, let me tell you what it is. Basically, it’s a Spanish cold soup made of raw vegetables. It originates from the southern regions of the Iberian Peninsula in Spain. Gazpacho has spread all over the country and is now one of the most renowned Spanish dishes. It is the perfect summer dish that is served not only in Spain but also in its neighbouring country, Portugal.

Degusta Casares offers visitors the chance to try multiple flavours of the famous Andalusian dish, gazpacho. You can find variations ranging from traditional gazpacho to innovative ones with a modern twist. For the locals, the serving of this dish will be a competition where they show their diverse interpretations of gazpacho.

Mayor Juan Luis Villalón shares that the mission is to celebrate the gastronic legacy, traditions and cultural identity of Casares. Moreover, the fair will showcase Casares’s culinary delights while also strengthening the sense of community spirit and promoting local heritage.

What to expect from Degusta Casares

On the first day of the event, the highlight will be “jamon,” where professionals show their artistry by cutting ham. These nicely crafted slices will be available not only to fill in your taste buds but also for purchase. Additionally, the President of the CIT, Ángeles Fernández, collaborates with the town hall of Casares to organise this event. She promises a gastronomic spectacle for attendees that will celebrate the rich culinary heritage of Casares.

Besides the jamon-cutting spotlight, visitors can attend honey gatherings, traditional crafts and cheese-making. A famous traditional craft example is the pleita, which is basically weaving with palm or pita. Additionally, there will be some engaging exhibitions for all visitors to enjoy. Local fandango dancing and sheep shearing are core activities of this fair that are not to be missed out on. Witnessing these activities is a way to get a glimpse into the cultural tapestry of this region.

Attending this fair is more than just enjoying a gastronomic feast, it is also a way to enjoy a vibrant atmosphere. Live music performances by Compás Flamenco, Al Liquidoi and the Duo Latidos will add the ambiance of the fair. Moreover, you can enjoy some insightful speeches about the history of the village and ask questions you are curious about. If you are bringing any child, the fair has quite a few children’s activities to offer. So no excuses, as this fair promises an immersive experience of Andalusian cuisine and culture for everyone.


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