Where to eat in Malaga? Three suggestions from chef Karlos Arguiñano


Karlos Arguiñano had the amazing idea to spend his easter getaway of 2024 in the Malaga Province. He took his well deserved break from cooking and instead went on a journey to discover the cuisine of Costa del Sol. Recently, he shared on his popular show Cocina Abierta de Karlos Arguiñano tips on the best spots in Malaga. If you wish to watch his shows in the future, don’t hesitate to play at channel Antenna 3.

About Karlos

Karlos Arguiñano is a renowned spanish tv chef born in 1948 in Spain’s Basque Country. He gained fame through his cooking shows, showcasing his Basque cuisine with a modern twist. In his shows, he showcase spanish traditional recipes while also adding his own modern twist.  Spanish households rave about this man because of how straightforward he is with what he has to say but also because he does it in a friendly manner. As his status as a culinary icon kept growing, he authored multiple cookbooks, making his fans happy.

El Buen Provecho

While preparing a mouth watering soup on his tv show Cocina Abierta de Karlos Arguiñano, he shared his recommendations. He mainly highlighted his experience in San Pedro Alcántara and Estepona. His first recommendation was El Buen Provecho situated Urbanización Linda Vista Norte in San Pedro Alcántara. Owned by Chef Pepe alongside Humberto and Pepe, this restaurant has three people that makes the atmosphere cozy. Karlos emphasised the delicious menu offerings of El Buen Provecho. Their menu include the famous papas arrieras, tuna creations and several other fish options.

El Gamonal

His second recommendation was another gem in San Pedro Alcántara. El Gamonal, his second choice, specialises in different types of meats like lambs, chops and sucking pigs. If you seek a place that cultivates its own vegetables, run to Avenida Lorenzo Morito Romero to find El Gamonal. This is not the first time this gem is mentioned by celebrities. Additionally, in the field of sports, Rafa Nadal, the famous tennis player previously savoured their menu. Overall, El Gamonal, renowned for its quality and freshness, ensures they deliver these qualities  with every single dish they serve.

El Campanario

El Campanario, located on Calle Priorato, 1, in Estepona was Karlos last recommandation. This place is a master at grilling with their tempting seafood selection full of flavourful shrimps and red prawns. Moreover, their barbecue selection is mouthwatering for any barbecue lover out there.

Despite the rainy easter week, Karlos shares that he found warmth in Costa del Sol. Both because of its coziness but also because of the culinary delights accompanied with a glass of wine.

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