Madre de Dios Ronda convent transformation: what we know about the project

Ronda, a city in the Andalusian municipality, sits just 100km away from Malaga city center. This city is a famous destination due to its narrow streets and houses on the edge of the canyon. Ronda is on the brink of reshaping part of its historic landscape. The Madre de Dios Convent in Ronda will soon become a luxurious five-star hotel, adding to the rich hospitality of Ronda.

The Madre de Dios convent stands as a big historical legacy of the city of Ronda. Major hospitality entities like Meliá group, Summun Hotel Group, and Ronda-based company MGI collaborate on this project. This hotel will open its doors in 2026, becoming a source of economic growth and community empowerment. An investment exceeding 5 million euros fuels this initiative to transform the convent into a hotel. This hotel will include over 20 rooms, a restaurant, a spa and some meeting facilities.

This project is anticipated to bring  a sense of delight to travellers, locals and the economy. Not only can people enjoy a luxurious hotel in this amazing location, the economy of Ronda will also improve. This is particularly because the project will generate over 40 new employment opportunities, thus contributing to economic growth. Ronda will foster sustainable development and prosperity.

Upscale demand

The mayor of the city, Maria de la Paz Fernandez, shares that this initiative is a way of addressing the upscale demand for accommodation in Ronda. Additionally, it aligns with Ronda’s strategic vision of enhancing tourism infrastructure. Overall, this project shows the commitment of the city in preserving its heritage while also embracing trends and innovation. This is because the convent will not go under demolition but rather a transformation. Which means that its historical significance will be preserved while also incorporating modern facilities.

Rocío Galán, the operation director of Meliá, shares his enthusiasm for this project, as it is a long awaited opportunity for them. This hotel will be the first of their property collection to be from eastern Andalusia. This renowned hotel is especially happy that this will happen in the historical city of Ronda, according to the mayor. On the other hand, the Rosado family does not view the transformation of the convent as a commercial venture. As they have a deep relationship with Ronda, this project is also a labour of love that embraces the future while honouring past generations.

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