Torremolinos, registration for financial assistance in education: how will it work?

Every year, Torremolinos, a town in Malaga, opens registrations for financial assistance in the education industry. This assistance is mainly to support families with children going to school. Going to school requires several payments for inscriptions, books, activities and overall class material. Additionally, essential school items like uniforms and workout clothing are crucial for a smooth academic year.

This financial assistance initiative targets households with low incomes to provide support.  With this, they can provide all the necessary purchases for their children without extra struggle. Low-income families highly appreciate this program, as they need extra help to meet the financial demands of their children’s education. The wait is over for this year, as the registrations have finally opened and families can register and ask for help in Torremolinos.

The mayor of Torremolinos, Margarita del Cid, took the mic and shared her opinions on this program. She shared some good news that pleases the hearts of those who were awaiting the registration opening. The mayor shares the importance of this initiative while also highlighting that the fund in 2024 has increased by 18% compared to last year. It is a result of the town hall’s commitment to addressing and satisfying its residents needs.

Increase in average household incomes

In 2021, Malaga was the Spanish province that saw the highest income surge. Data from 2020 was used to determine the results of that research. In that year, the pandemic was wreaking havoc, and many countries and cities had an average household income decline. On the other hand, even during such tough times, Malaga had a surge of 5.5% in average household income. However, such data does not mean that the province isn’t poor. Malaga is the fifteenth poorest province in Spain, sitting 23% lower than Balearics Island, the richest. This fact proves that many households living in Malaga still need some type of financial assistance in many fields, including the education of their children.

The assistance package offers 150 euros for households with children in primary or secondary education. On the other hand, families with infants going to school get 50 euros more, for a total of 200 euros. Last year, this initiative helped around 1100 households, while the expectations for this year are to add at least 200 households to the list. Applications are either in person at the education department or submitted via the electronic office of the council’s website.

Details of the financial assistance program

For families that are interested in this initiative, the mayor recommends they apply before the 30th of April. You still have approximately 25 days so do not miss this deadline. Rest assured, if you are worried about receiving the money on time, the mayor promises that the funds will be given before the academic year starts in September. The program has an investment of 220,000 euros and is available for families, single parents and guardians meeting the specific criteria. The income criteria include small families earning below 16.000 euros annually and large families with income below 35.000 euros annually.

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