Savoring Malaga: On a quest to find the best patatas bravas updated to april 2024

You can’t go wrong with deliciously cooked or baked potatoes but spanish patatas bravas gives you a whole new taste. Paella and Gazpacho aren’t the only dishes that you could “core” Spanish dishes. Patatas bravas are mouthwatering tapas options that truly represent Spanish gastronomy. In Malaga, patatas bravas are a staple in many bars and restaurants that you simply can’t miss out on. So, today, we will list the three best places to have a taste of patatas bravas in Malaga, updated to April 2024. It sounds fun, doesn’t it?

What is patatas bravas?

Before jumping on the list, let’s talk about what patatas bravas are. Certainly, there is always a chance that a small minority doesn’t know what it is or how it was made, right? Patatas bravas, translating to spicy potatoes in English, is the most famous spanish tapa. White potatoes are the base, seasoned with smoked paprika and then fried in olive oil until crispy yet tender.

Afterwards, the potatoes get drenched in spicy bravas sauce before being served. Sounds easy, right? However, not everyone can make you feel the crispiness on the outside and tenderness on the inside of patatas bravas. Which is why, it is crucial to taste authentic and delicious patatas bravas while you are in Malaga.

El Gastronauta

In first place, we have the famous Paella restaurant, El Gastronauta. This restaurant is not only a cozy corner, it also serves delicious Spanish and international dishes. Whether you visit alone or with company, you get to immerse yourself in the beautiful art pieces displayed inside. The decoration is full of paintings and photography, as they focus on showing the rich Spanish culture. Several Spanish dishes are served with a sprinkle of international and modern inspiration.

Customers advocate that the paella and patatas bravas served at this restaurant are the best you could find in town. Additionally, vegan, vegetarian and gluten free meal options are available. The staff is super welcoming and friendly, offering you a unique and cozy experience.  You can find this cozy restaurant in the heart of Malaga Center.


This restaurant is the IT place to have patatas bravas. Tucked away near the Malaga Cathedral, Kortxo serves both Spanish, Mediterranean and international dishes. With a 5-star rating on TripAdvisor, Kortxo was among the travellers choices for 2023. The way they present the food in such a unique yet artsy way makes clients feel truly like the kings they are. Patatas bravas served at this restaurant are so delicious that some customers went as far as naming them the best in the world.

Additionally, Kortxo is known to be an amazing option to celebrate wedding anniversaries or a birthday dinner. Moreover, the staff is so friendly that this place has become a great choice for those who wish to practice their Spanish. Servers interact with you in Spanish and English. As they also wish to practice their English-speaking skills, language exchange at this place is a win for both customers and staff.

Picasso Bar Tapas

Last but not least, we have the famous Picasso Bar Tapas, situated at La Plaza Merced. If you are craving a beer and tapas date, this restaurant is your answer. With prices ranging from 4 to 32 euros, you have a wide variety of tapas choices. Patatas bravas are the favorites at this place. With outdoor seating options, you get to soak up the sun and watch the world go around while enjoying delicious spicy potatoes with beer. Additionally, their sangria is chef’s kiss. Take your friends and loved ones and go enjoy a lovely, cozy afternoon full of delicacies and drinking at this bar.

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