Culinary delights: Exploring the best street food vendors in Malaga in april 2024

As the sixth largest city in Spain, Malaga is famous for its culinary delights. Apart from being the vibrant capital city of Costa del Sol, Andalusia has many other things to offer. Its cultural heritage, rich history and, of course, being the birthplace of Pablo Picasso among others. However, gastronomy in general extends beyond the world of art. The city has made a name for itself for its delicious street food scene. Although Anchovies are core to Malaga’s gastronomic heritage, the street food scene is full of diversity. Whether you want authentic flavours or looking to indulge in local delicacies, this city offers various options that’ll suit your taste. In this guide, we will tell you where to find the best street food vendors in this vibrant city.

Victoria Malaga 1928 street food

For those seeking Malaga-centric, flavorful street food, you should visit the stall of Victoria Malaga 1928. Located at the center of Malaga, you simply do not have an excuse to quickly pass by. The shrimps dish along with croquetas de jamón are visitors recommendations. The food is considered super cheap by many so don’t worry about hurting your wallet and just enjoy. Additionally, you should not miss the chance to try the Gazpachuelo Malagueno.

Do not confuse gazpachuelo with gazpacho, as they are two different dishes. Gazpachuelo actually originated from Malaga and is not eating cold like the gazpacho. It is the perfect winter dish that you can also devour during the summer. It consist of mayonnaise, egg yolk and olive oil, and all together it becomes a mouthwatering dish.

Spritz Bar Malaga

You can find Spritz Bar within the bustling streets of Malaga. It does not only exudes authenticity but also variety, as it serves both Italian food, street food and coffees. This place is renowned for spritz cocktails, just as its name suggest. However, they have an excellent selection of alcoholic beverages and other types of cocktails. It is a nice place to relax, with outdoor seating options.

Whether you bring someone or not, this place is a great location to meet locals and make friends with them. The street food options includes stuffed potatoes, fried olives with stuffed beef and nachos guacamole. Additionally, if you are craving some Italian Piadine or flatbread, they have many flavor options. Platters of cheese, cold meats and other platters are available to enjoy in group.

Yogurteria Danone: A Sweet street food

For all the sweet tooth out there, I recommend you run, don’t walk to the Yogurteria Danone.  A beloved street food stall at the Plaza Mayor renowned for its delectable frozen yogurt. The Danone yoghurt brand was created in 1919 by Isaac as a way to introduce a famous product in the Balkans for its health benefits. Since then, this brand has satisfied locals and tourists with its creamy flavour. Whether you seek for a cone of frozen yogurt, or some delicious waffles covered with chocolate sauce and fresh fruits on top. Visitors often tend to visit this yoghurt stall over and over again while advocating that it’s waffles and yoghurt quality are superior to all the rest.

La Casareccia Obrador Pizzeria

At La Casareccia Obrador Pizzeria, savory pizzas reign supreme, along with its extensive topping flavor. However, their homemade pizza selection is what makes them unique. Ranging from 4 stagioni to pizza with chicken kebab, even New York pizzas are included. Additionally, they offer gourmet pizzas and pizzas folded in half, promising excellent flavours. The starter dishes are worthy of note as well, with options like pan de ajo or focaccia mozzarella. It is a must visit if you wish to satisfy your salty street food cravings.

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