Top Rated South Korean Restaurants in Malaga: The Rank at March 2024

If there’s one thing about Malaga, it is that this beautiful city is home to culinary diversity. The city offers a delightful blend of traditional Spanish dishes and international cuisine. Among the international food options, Korean food stands out due to its unique flavour and variety of dishes. If you are currently in Malaga and craving some Korean food or simply wanting to try something new and unique, this is the guide for you. This article covers the top-rated Korean restaurants in Malaga relevant to March 2024.

Uri Sushi

Topping the list, we have Uri Sushi, which translates to “our sushi” in Malaga. A charming sushi restaurant that serves both Korean and Japanese specialties. Uri Sushi is located in the city center. The restaurant provides a cozy ambiance and friendly service. Many customers express their appreciation to the servers for taking the time to explain the dishes to newcomers. Their menu includes the most famous Korean dishes like Tteokbokki, Bibimbap, Chicken Katsu, Ramyeon, Japchae, Kimchi Chigae and so on.

Restaurante Coreano Chingu

Restaurante Coreano Chingu is a small but cozy restaurant offering a lovely atmosphere and a nostalgic menu. Their menu selection includes traditional Korean dishes as well as KBBQ and Korean alcohol beverages like soju. You can also have a delicious hotpot here that recreates the comfort of home-cooked Korean meals. This restaurant believes that true beauty lies in taste so don’t be disappointed if the presentation is not fancy for you, focus on the taste.


Hidden in the vibrant streets of Malaga near La Merced, Woococo attracts diners with its mouth-watering Korean dishes. Woococo serves traditional Korean dishes, including Korean fried chicken. They provide a savory soup as a starter and their side dishes like kimchi are cheaper than at other places. Their attentive service, which contributes to a great dining experience, makes this place a favourite among visitors.


Ending the list of top-rated Korean restaurants in Malaga with Kimchibowl. Rather than just traditional food, this eatery specializes in serving Korean comfort food. When you are craving a savory kimchi bowl or a good portion of kimchi fried rice, this is the place to go.

Prices for most dishes at each of the four listed restaurants range from 10 to 20 euros. So, what are you waiting for? Go give these places a try and see where the hype is coming from.

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