Why Malaga Reigns Supreme as the Ultimate Expat Destination

The latest internation report had announced the happiest expat cities based on where they were thriving. Based on responses from over 1200 individuals in 172 countries, 4 Spanish cities ranked quite highly in the results with Malaga being the first


Malaga, a famous tourist and expat destination in Andalusia, ranked as the number 1 city for expats globally. There are several reasons that contributed to this feedback. First of all, this ranking highlights Malaga’s fame due to its local’s friendliness. Many expats talk about how friendly and helpful locals are towards foreigners. Secondly, due to its warm weather, with over 300 days of sunshine a year, Malaga is a warm destination for any season throughout the year. Furthermore, reasons like having various leisure options and an affordable cost of living made the list. Malaga has many indoor and outdoor activities one can do, including lots of sightseeing gems. On the other hand, the job market received a low rating. However, expats share that the work-life balance in Malaga is enough to compensate for this.


As a second-ranked city globally, we have Alicante. A city located on the southeastern coast of Spain. It is mostly known for its beaches, historic sites and amazing nightlife. Among expats, Alicante being a happy city where they thrive includes other reasons. The main reason is its accessibility and cheap housing. Both for renting or buying a house, Alicante is affordable.


As you can see, Spain is just “the prime country to go for expats.” As the third city to rank high in the list, Valencia comes to the screen. Although Valencia has been chosen as Europe’s green capital of 2024, there is another reason why expats praise it. Valencia ranked high with 80% for its exceptional healthcare options and 79% for its affordable cost of living.


Additionally, we have the capital of Spain, Madrid, on the list. Although Madrid did not come after Valencia on the list, it still ranked sixth out of 10 cities. Madrid is known for its rich history, elegant architecture and culinary diversity. Madrid ranked high at expat’s level of satisfaction with the cost of medical care and work-life balance.

As you can see, Spain is the prime destination for expats. If you were contemplating where to go as an expat, hopefully the results of the Internation Report will inspire you.

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