One week of techno in Málaga, DJ sets from May 6th to 12

Finding oneself in the southern part of Spain, a land previously inhabited by Andalusian Roma and the birthplace of Flamenco, it’s hard to avoid encountering “tocaores” serenading passers-by on the scenic narrow streets. A significant part of the soul of Andalusian culture lies in its inherent musicality and performativity. However, are the traditional and local genres the only musical experiences this place has to offer?

Don’t you think there are Malagueños who have already sensed the incoming wave of electronic music? Aren’t they caught up with the latest breaking news – techno’s rise into popularity? Not to name-drop, but Barcelona, located kilometers away from Málaga, is home to Arca, the genre-bending savant of hybrid Electro-Reggaetón and hyperpop. Also, in nearby Madrid, top sound architects like Ralphie Choo are based. Could such a prolific electronic scene be lacking in Málaga? Don’t you think there is an Andalusian Arca out there, we just have not found them yet?

The answer is quite promising. Browsing online and offline for events in touristy Malaga, during the busy summer season, can be much easier a task than it sounds. It just depends on what you are searching for. For the more quality commercial events, we have the open-air festival called Brunch Electronic, which moves around in different locations, one of them being the city of Malaga. In fact, one of their very freeing and inclusive parties is approaching. International artists, such as the Swiss duo Adriatique, together with local names, such as Marino Canal play at the Auditorio Municipal Cortijo de Torres, on May 11th.

For the more underground ones who would be into bass house, breakbeat and more tribal influences, the suggested event organizer would be @frequency_xmusic. This is the Instagram profile of this underground event house, still in the making. Already they have made some progress with audiences, with fiery events back in April. They are only now returning, in the heart of Centro Historico, in club @sala_marte_malaga, their usual venue of choice. This time, featuring @rhelokmusic, on the 9th of May. Doors open at 00.00. From now on, check around the corner for their cool posters, to be notified on upcoming events.

Up against the mainstream, you have the ‘noise’ and ‘hard techno’. According to your taste, the ideal event might be hiding in plain sight, in tribal-futuristic posters hanging on the walls of Centro Historico. Basically, there is a variety of events organized by local collectives to choose from. Just for this week, you need to step outside a little bit to the western part of Málaga. This Saturday, May 11th, in the region Torremolinos, Athens based BSLS and several more, are going to be playing @studioclubofficial. Generating a very strong electronic palm, of hardtechno’s highest BPMs.

Last but not least, a collective called Abstract Techno, is my top pick for this list. It has been running since 2019, introducing the hard techno movement to the audiences of Málaga. They have guest appearances of acclaimed DJs from all around the world, doing partnerships in the hottest venues both locally and abroad. I mention them because they have their closing season, as @abstracttechno, on May 25th. The venue is the legendary Paris15 club, where the up-and-coming Belgian Jan Vercauteren and the French KOZLOV will be playing. HURRY, get your tickets, before somebody else does.

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