Young Trainee Lifeguards Save Lives: Heroic Rescue on Costa del Sol Beach


Since last week, the superheroes without a cap in Malaga have been a topic of discussion. Those superheroes are none other than 12- and 14-year-old trainee lifeguards. You would think trainee lifeguards this young would maybe wait and let older lifeguards do the work. However, these two courageous young teenagers did not hesitate to help three tourists struggling in the water. This incident happened at Playa La Carihuela beach in the Torremolinos neighbourhood.


That day, those two trainees were there to practice with their instructor when they saw tourists in distress. Without thinking twice, they jumped in and got the tourists to a safe place, leaving everyone to applaud them. During practice hours, Luka Pavlovskyy 12 and Aleksandar Todorov Lekov, along with their instructor, perceived the incident. Three tourists who were sitting in an inflatable doughnut were being swept out of the sea due to strong waves. After jumping in, Luka and Aleksandar managed to save two tourists who were approximately 25 years old. No worries, though, because although they managed to save two out of three, all three tourists got out safely. The instructor was the one who rescued the other individual.
This is not where the heroic act ends. Sadly enough, two of the individuals had lost consciousness, leading Luka and Aleksandar to administer CPR. They administered cardiopulmonary resuscitation until medical help arrived, which contributed to the tourists safety. Luka and Aleksandar had just recently participated in a national competition in Cordoba. This act also highlights how dedicated they are to saving lives and responding quickly when needed.
Their intervention saved those three precious lives and has been applauded ever since. Even the president of the Spanish rescue and first aid federation, Isabel Garcia, commended the courageous behaviour of the trainees and lifeguards. She shared that the no hesitation of jumping in the water is also an attitude to the sense of duty and responsibility of everyone who practices lifesaving.

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