Marbella Children Rockband go big in La Voz Kids: who are they?

Mic and star decorated with music notes

Minuto y Medio, a rock band composed of teenagers, is the latest sensation on La Voz Kids Spain. This talent show welcomed youngsters between the ages of eight and thirteen but who are they really? All from Marbella, these youngsters were trained at the Rock Factory in San Pedro de Alcántara. From the first performance until now, these people have managed to capture hearts with their musical skills as a group.

David García, one of the members, stands out among others as he earned himself the prestigious title of youngest professional drummer. At only eight years old, David got the highest degree at London’s Trinity College of Music, showing off his smarts, hard work and talent. The coolest thing about his renowned title is that it’s not just in Spain, but globally. They all performed at the La Voz Kids stage as the first rock band of their kind.

Two weeks ago, Minuto y Medio started their journey on La Voz Kids. They started off with a rendition of Feeling Good by Nina Simone and left all the judges stunned. However, this is not where it stops, as they decided to stay with the singer David Bisbal’s team for their further journey.

More young talents at La Voz Kids

That day, the show went on further with other exhilarating performances by young teenagers. Astrid Verweij, a young student interested in fashion and music, performed “Se me olvidó otra vez” by Rocio Dúrcal. She caught the attention of all and joined the team of Lola Índigo. Additionally, Vera Lukash performed the famous song “Je T’aime” by Lara Fabian while leaving everyone jaw-dropped. Vera ended up with Melendi’s team for further musical development.

La Voz Kids judges and live viewers weren’t the only ones impressed by these performances. The Mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, was so excited that he enthusiastically gave them the ambassador for the town’s talent title. Curious about how these youngsters feel about all this attention? Of course, they are as happy as you could imagine, they view this whole thing as an exciting experience. Minuto y Medio thank La Voz Kids and everyone for their support. They’re still continuing their audition phase so do not miss out and watch how they grow into the bigger musical legends of Marbella.

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