Summer activities: Manu Chao live in Fuengirola on july 25th

Summer activities: seeing Manu Chao live in Fuengirola Are you spending the beautiful months of summer in Malaga? I have the perfect leisure activity announcement for you. Manu Chao, the singer who sang “Me gustas tu” and had everyone singing their hearts out, is coming to Malaga. Born in France, Manu Chao is a 62-year-old French and Spanish singer. Both his songs from his bands Mano Negra, Hot Pants, and Los Carayos, as well as his solo singles, are iconic.

Multi talents

Not only does he sing in French and Spanish, he’s also a multilingual talent who sings in Italian, English, Galician, Catalan, Portuguese and Greek. Besides these Roman language, he also speaks Arabic fluently and sings in Arabic too. Manu Chao was not born a silver spoon, he started off as a street performer back in Paris before succeeding and headlining shows internationally. Such an icon, isn’t he? Well, this legendary icon will be sharing his talents with you in Fuengirola this summer. Although he’s now 62 years old, he still holds the spark he had in the previous years. If you have been wanting to listen to his music live, July 25th is the day this goal will be achieved.

His on stage life started when he joined the music bands Hot Pants and Los Carayos. However, he hit it big with another band called Mano Negra. The rhythm they brought on stage was appreciated globally. After an adventurous ride with these bands, Manu Chao decided to go on his solo journey in 1998. Soon enough, he dominated the charts with his hits Bongo Bong and Clandestino. There’s a high chance you’ve heard of Clandestino, even if you don’t listen to Manu, as other global names like Robbie Williams and Lilly Allen have covered this hit.

Don’t miss this out

You get how influential and amazing he is, right? Lucky Malaga residents, Manu is coming to this beautiful city of Andalusia. The best part is that tickets aren’t as expensive as at many concerts and only cost 25 euros. Tickets are available online right now so run fast to secure yourself a spot and have the time of your life on July 25th. Make sure to spread the word and bring your friends for a delightful night full of good music and ambiance.

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