Torrenigma: why is the beacon of escape room excellence on the Costa del Sol

Spain, a southern country in Europe, is renowned for its entertainment offerings, among others. Currently, the country has over 1,500 escape rooms, with 150 in the Andalusia province. Although you might think this is a high number, the demand for immersive experiences keeps surging. Torrenigma, an escape room in Torre del Mar on the Costa del Sol, is a pioneer in providing immersive experiences . Their escape room has entertained so many visitors that it earned a prestigious nomination. This nomination is for the Escape Room Award, which is pretty similar to the Goya Award in the film industry.

The making of Torrenigma

In 2017, brothers Juan and Alberto Gil decided to establish Torrenigma on the Costa del Sol. Torrenigma is the first escape room in Malaga province to receive immense recognition from visitors. The two brothers have their own creation, which is the Source Code game and part of the TowerNet saga. These two creations take participants into a world full of science fiction that leads them to explore artificial intelligence and computer culture.

The nomination of Torrenigma points at how this escape room is able to blend storytelling, resolutions and puzzles all together. Moreover, Juan Gil emphasizes the emergence of escape tourism in Spain and how these bring a thrilling experience to participants. The 150 escape rooms in Andalusia are mainly spread across major cities like Malaga, Seville, and Granada. These cities are always full of  tourists seeking thrilling entertainment. However, this new nomination also shows the growing appeal of Torre del Mar as an adventurous destination.

Since the two brothers established this place, they have welcomed over 16,000 participants, making it quite a successful escape room. Their price range is considered average by many and starts at 50 euros for two players and goes up to 108 euros for six players. Small or large groups are all welcome, as the escape room is big enough. Visiting this escape room is the perfect adventurous getaway with friends when you are in Malaga.

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