From retired chef to tiktok influencer: who is Miguel Alba?

Miguel Alba, once renowned as a cooking chef, is now famous with another title. On the social media platform Tiktok, where people post videos with sounds, Miguel Alba has earned himself the influencer title. He uses this platform to share his cooking expertise with a large audience. With almost 200K followers, Miguel sure is an influencer that attracts viewers into wanting more. He has over 40 years of experience in the kitchen, making him the perfect influencer to look up for any cooking tips and tricks. Especially in Malaga, he is one of the most influential figures in the food industry.

Post retirement

Last year, Miguel was left with the contemplative thought of what to do since he had just retired. His whole life, cooking has been his passion and he spent many years working in his restaurant. Cooking wasn’t just a job but also a hobby that he truly enjoyed. So, to fill his time after his retirement, he started filming videos from home and posting them on TikTok. He already had many clients from the restaurant who truly liked his meals and work ethics so he was not an unknown video poster. He instantly received a great response from his first videos, which led to his gaining more and more followers.

His online fans encouraged him to make a studio at home where he could create his content along with his son. Miguel has now expanded to YouTube with 35,200 subscribers and Instagram with 14,100 subscribers. He has made over 195 videos on YouTube and 469 posts on Instagram, making him a very active influencer. Alba often makes videos about traditional Malaga recipes like ajo blanco and gazpachuelo, a famous soup originating from Malaga. Additionally, he shares recipes of roasted chicken and several local rice dishes. His portions are often large, and he shares that it’s because he was used to cooking for families and large groups when he worked at the restaurant.

Miguel Alba going beyond local dishes

One thing about him is that he has a house equipped with various cooking tools. From afar, you would either think he truly loves cooking or he is used to it because that was his job at certain point, both of them are true. With fans requests, he explores international dishes from time to time, such as sushi, tataki, etc Him being an online food influencer serves as an inspiration for those in the same situation as him or just wanting to share their cooking talent. Miguel promises to keep responding to fans requests and bring in more cooking surprises for his large audience.

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