Tapas Tales March 2024: Exploring Malaga’s Culinary Delights on a Budget

Tapas Tales

Malaga is not only known for its historic yet modern-looking city but also for its cheap food and activities. When you compare the food prices of other European countries, Spain is in the affordable range.  Malaga, a southern city in Spain, has several delicious and affordable food options, including tapas. It can be challenging to choose from multiple tapas spots and this is where we come in. In this guide, we discover tapas tale march in Malaga by listing the top budget-friendly tapas spots according to Tripadvisor.

Miluca Restaurant & Bar

With 4.7-star reviews on TripAdvisor, Miluca is among the local favorites for tapas. Right near the Picasso Museum, you can see Miluca Restaurant. With various tapas selections and vegan dining options, this restaurant is a gem that tourists and locals should visit more often. Additionally, it has outdoor seating with a great view where you can enjoy a cup of cocktail and delicious tapas. Visitors are fans of the relaxed ambiance at Miluca, making it an authentic Andalusian dinner experience.

Tasca láska

You might have heard about Tasca Láska while doing your research about paella hotspots. The great thing is, this place is not only one of the best paella spots but also a hotspot for tapas in Malaga. It is situated near the modern art museum CAC, making it a tourist hotspot. They serve several traditional Spanish dishes and tapas at an affordable price. Visitors shared that this family owned business shows a warm family feeling through their friendly service and generous portions.

Anyway, Wine Bar

Davido Camino, a young entrepreneur from Malaga, created Anyway Wine Bar. He started this wine bar during the pandemic so it was a bit tough. However, a few years later, this wine bar has over 4.7 star reviews on Google. They serve a great selection of national and international wines, along with delectable tapas. It is the perfect spot to relax after a day of exploring the beautiful city of Malaga.

Amigos Malaga Centro

This is an Indian and Mexican restaurant situated in the heart of Malaga. Amigos offers affordable tapas options along with a cozy atmosphere. For a group of at least 8 people, you get to have a full course menu, including one drink per person. The first menu set is 39,50 euros and the second one is 44 euros. People often mention the friendly service and reasonable pricing as reasons Amigos is on their favourites list.

Picasso Bar Tapas

First of all, is it possible that you haven’t heard about Picasso Bar Tapas yet? That would be unexpected, as this little gem is located right near the famous Picasso Museum and is always full of tourists. You know that one place that is somehow always full of people because it is that good? Well, this is Picasso Bar Tapas for you. Go and try a set of great tapas with an international audience. Multilingual service is available with a lot of “alegria,” as the locals say.

Traditional tapas, trendy wine bars, beautiful city or beaches are all combinations you can get in Malaga. Enjoy different flavours of tapas in those top 5 listed restaurants and have a memorable experience.

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