Fitness and Wellness: Stay Healthy and Active in Malaga

Let’s say you are moving or already moved to Malaga. All excited, looking forward to the good weather, spending hours at the beach or devouring seasonal and tropical delicacies. Awesome right? Now, imagine after a week of relocating, you start feeling light. You know how it is, if you were used to working out and suddenly you are not, you lose those hard earned muscles. If you are someone who has been wanting to start their fitness journey, i am guessing you might have told yourself i will start next monday. That monday still has not seen light. So you decide this time, i have to, no more rescheduling. Then you find yourself on google looking up gyms in Malaga. After a while you start wondering what would be the option that will fit you best. No worries, as this article will guide you through fitness and wellness in Malaga. We shall discuss the top 4 best gyms in Malaga that are on the affordable side.

Advantages of gym workouts

Gym workouts aren’t just beneficial on the outside. It’s not just about how all muscle up you look or whether you abs are showing or not. It is beneficial for our physical and mental health. By working out at the gym, your cardiovascular health improves, you muscles strengthen and your mental health improves. Other benefits not often mentioned are posture improvement and muscle stretching. Some individuals with neck or shoulder problems could not find a solution at the massage therapist. However, after giving strength training a chance, they finally saw results. Additionally, going to the gym teaches you several skills. You learn to structure things by making a routine that works for you and time management skills. Moving on, let us show you the best picks in Malaga where you can enjoy a great gym session.

Basic Fit Gym

Basic Fit of Malaga is located near Malaga Plaza and El Corte Inglés. Just like you see from the name, you get all the basics of a gym experience. With several workout machines for all muscles, you get to enjoy a routine consisting of lower body, upper body, abs and cardio days. The gym also offers flavourful water full of vitamins and zero sugar called Yanga. If you are already familiar with gym equipment, you can work out and enjoy a solo workout or with company. However, if you are a beginner, a bit lost  or simply wants a push at the gym, you can get a personal trainer to help you on your journey. Basic Fit offers an affordable three level membership with the flexibility of add ons that you wish for.

Go Fit

Go fit is a renowned sport center in Malaga. The center includes a gym with all muscles equipments available. But also, a bit beyond traditional gyms since it includes  a swimming pool, a sauna and a steam area. Regardless of where you are located in Malaga, one of their locations should be suitable to you. One is situated at a short  walking distance from the historic center and the other beside the river.  The gym offers different workout courses with a discount if you join with your family.


Are you searching for tailored gym classes instead? Vivagym is worth your consideration. All the classes are adapted to the audience present and to their needs. With a non binding monthly price of 28,90 euros, you get to enjoy the gym and its facilities nicely. If you enjoy cycling and simply wish to burn calories while blasting great music, their cycling room is always available.

Reebok Sport club

If you enjoy a gym with a diverse range of service, Reebok Sport Club is your best bet. The gym is equipped with the latest technology machines and each machine has a qr code to show you how it’s done. Moreover, there are several dumbbell racks , thermal baths, lockers, and changing rooms with showers. 60 group classes take place weekly in 3 different activity rooms. Another thing that makes them special is their sports, hairdressing and dietetics services.

Staying healthy and active in the beautiful city of Malaga is not a challenge. Thus, no more excuse, do not say “one day” but rather “day one”.

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