Car Sharing services in Malaga: Are there any available? Let’s discover options for convenience and sustainability

A new era of urban mobility has unfolded in Malaga over the past few years, driven mainly by car-sharing services. This innovative method of transformation has been in high demand since fuel prices went up in March 2023. Car-sharing services are still reshaping the way tourists and residents navigate the city of Malaga.

Car sharing and its benefits

Due to several good reasons, companies offering car sharing services are confronted with an increasing demand. For those needing to make short trips to tourist locations or neighbouring cities like Marbella, car sharing is an interesting service. Car sharing offers flexibility, as you can choose from different car models depending on the destination. It is sustainable as well as helping reduce car traffic. We all know how much cars contribute to bad air quality and climate change. By sharing your car with others, you help fight against climate change. All in all, let’s not forget another major benefit: cost effectiveness. You save on fuel prices by using car sharing services.

There are three companies playing a key role in offering vehicle sharing services in Malaga.


Activacar is a car rental company offering car sharing services. You choose your pick-up and return location, start and end dates and times, and, of course, the type of car. However, this rental service is limited to only hotels and touristic locations within Malaga province. If you want to see non-touristy places, this option is not the one for you.

YEGO & Cabify

These two are electric motor sharing services. Sadly enough, car sharing or car rental is not among their offerings. Nonetheless, they are reliable companies among Malaga users.


You have two options with Getaround. Either you use their website or download their app to use their services. The way of working is pretty much the same as other car sharing services. The difference is that after you click on a certain car, you get more information about the car and different types of insurance for its use. Another distinct feature is that when the car is part of Getaround Connect, the pick-up is easier. With Getaround Connect, you can open the car through the app and find the car key inside.

As there aren’t many car-sharing services with good reviews and affordable prices to date, we will update this article with extra information.

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