Top picks, Malaga’s top working spaces revealed

In the past few years, mainly due to the COVID pandemic, remote working has become a way for many people to approach their careers. However, remote work doesn’t necessarily mean you have to relocate your office at home. Malaga has lots of cozy co-working spaces open to everyone. In this article, I’ll list the top 4 best co-working spaces in Malaga.

First of all, co-working spaces?

The primary intent is, as the name suggests, to provide a shared working environment. These spaces are flexible and cost-effective. In Malaga, co-working spaces are below 200 euros monthly. Make it cost effective for individuals and entrepreneurs. It is a place where people can network, collaborate, share creativeness and thrive together.

The Living Room

You can find The Living Room Coworking in the center of Malaga. If you are seeking a mix of work and community, this place will offer you welcome treatment. It offers several seating areas, high-speed internet, and lovely inside decor. Further, you have a small kitchen for snacks and a rooftop where you can tan during work breaks or have a drink with colleagues. Surprisingly, the location is close to major public transportation routes. Additionally, there are private booths if you wish to have private calls and events organised to strengthen the community.

La Aduana Cowork

La Aduana Cowork is another co-working space situated in the center of Malaga. It is perfect for any professional looking for a collaborative and professional work environment. The space includes several meeting rooms, shared desks, a kitchen and a terrace. You can also use the private rooms if you wish for privacy. For people working in the customer service or call center fields, it is even more ideal since the call rooms are soundproof. You can use the space 24/7 as it stays open. Several dinner locations are nearby after a late evening or night shift.

Innovation Campus

Innovation Campus is a shared coworking space with 3 different locations. One is located only a five-minute walk from the train station. The interior decor is stylish, with cozy lamps. The rooftop terraces give you a breathtaking view of the mountains. This space is also open 24/7 but what differentiates it from others is the fingerprint entry system. The second location, Malaga Terrace, is located near La Malagueta Beach in a penthouse. With several bars and lounges on the rooftop, you get the fancy treatment while enjoying a sea view.

El Centro Coworking

As last in our list, we have El Centro Working. This space is a legendary coworking space. It was built in 2013 and was among the very first co-working spaces established in Malaga. In contrast to other spaces, the inside decor is quite plain but modern. The place is often seeking to improve itself to satisfy workers. Besides the working desks, this space also offers various meeting rooms and a relaxation area. Furthermore, there are lockers and shelves that everyone can use to keep some belongings.

Whether you are seeking a networking and productive environment or a tranquil working space,. The Costa del Sol city of Malaga has different working spaces that’ll fit your preferences.

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