Organizing Expat- friendly bookquest in Malaga: A Bookstore Guide

Book- buying is a serious business “practised” by regular readers, experienced Book Collectors,  escapists who use the pages of a paperbag to transport themselves to different worlds and realities fromm the comfort of their own house…Are one of those extremely up-to-date bookworm that logs in and reviews a new book each week, on your goodreads profile and follows hundereds of “to read” lists? Or do you maybe identify more with the old- school group of romantics that gets excited to really- meaning physically- visit a Bookstore, to chech the backcover summaries for hours until they get they find the perfect much? In whichever one, of the two categories you see yourself, only one thing is for certain… I have the perfect list of Bookstores, where you can purchase a good variety of the books either in English, either written originally or translated!

After reading this you will only have me and some redditers, which have posted their great Malaga local recommendations, for the city’s top bookstore picks. Read bellow this curated  list of some exceptional bookstores that cater to all tastes, whether you’re seeking English books or exploring translations. Let’s dive into the world of literature!

1. Casa del Libro

  • Location: Calle Nueva, 5, 29005 Málaga .
  • Description: Known as the “Bookshop of Lights,” Casa del Libro boasts an extensive selection of titles across various genres and languages.  If you can’t find a specific book, their helpful staff will gladly order it for you. Plus, they stay open throughout the day, from 10 am until 9 pm.
  • Why Visit: For a vast collection of books in multiple languages and exceptional customer service.

2. Re-Read

  • Location: 27 Calle Victoria, 29012 Málaga .
  • Description: Re-Read offers secondhand books at unbeatable prices. Their diverse selection covers various genres and languages, making it a great spot for book lovers.
  • Why Visit: Affordable books in excellent condition, perfect for budget-conscious readers.

3. Librería Luces

  • Location: Alameda Principal, 37, 29001 Málaga .
  • Description: Luces has been a fixture in Málaga for over 15 years. Their knowledgeable staff can help you find any title, and they’re part of a nationwide group of independent Spanish booksellers.
  • Why Visit: A wide range of genres, including English books.

4. Librería Rayuela

  • Location: C/ Carcer, 1, 29008 Málaga .
  • Description: Rayuela, established in 1981, is one of Málaga’s best independent bookstores. While small, it offers a diverse selection of titles, particularly in linguistics and humanities.
  • Why Visit: A serious bookstore where staff share your love for books.


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