Costa del Sol: top seven must visit beach restaurants this summer

Summer is approaching, which means that it’s time for beach restaurant season in Costa del Sol. Whether you’re a lover of seafood or simply enjoy a cozy atmosphere with a breeze, this is something for you. In this guide, you can find the 7 must-visit beach restaurants, also known as chiringuitos, to taste authentic coastal cuisine.

Mari Gutiérrez

At the Guadalmar beach, you can find this local favourite beach restaurant, Mari Gutiérrez. A family with a rich fishing history owns this cozy chiringuito, where you truly feel the welcoming atmosphere. The service this family provides, along with the menu of fresh seafood, is often talked about by visitors. The fried fish and sardine skewers here are a must-try since they are a main recommendation from many locals.

El Morata beach restaurant

El Morata is located on the Predregalejo beach and excel in fresh fish and seafood. This beach restaurant, along with El Cabra and El Lirio, is part of the renowned fried fish triangle of the eastern coast. Their signature drink, Moratita,, should be the first cocktail you try when you visit because visitors swear it’s worth the try.

Los Manueles beach restaurant

Around Playamar neighbour in Torremolinos, you can find Los Manueles beach bar. In 1968, Los Manueles was established in this vibrant neighbourhood as a beach bar serving quality dishes. However, it has evolved to be one of the top beach restaurants in Torremolinos. They offer a diverse menu full of seafood options and exceptional rice dishes.

El Canarias beach restaurant

Another gem located in Torremolinos is El Canarias. At La Carihuela, you will see another local favourite for the past decades, since 1962. It’s yet another chiringuito founded by brothers that truly outshines the family essence in their service. Their menu includes a variety of fresh seafood options, rice dishes and espetos.

Victor’s Beach

Since its establishment in 1978, Victor’s Beach in Marbella has kept their traditional charm. They serve mouth watering homemade dishes and overall authentic Spanish cuisine. The grilled fish and sardines they serve, along with their location, give you relaxing beach bar vibes. Additionally, they serve a very popular sweet and sour ribs dish that British Visitors are always applauding for.

Marina Playa beach restaurant

This gastronomic hotspot is to be found at Marina Playa in Torre de Benagalbón. Marina Playa, which has been open for over 30 years, has maintained its reputation as a hotspot for sardine espeto. Palma brothers are the owners of this chiringuito and they offer a menu filled with fish they get daily from Malaga markets. If you want to enjoy some fresh fish with a great selection of cocktails, give this chiringuito a try.

Chiringuito Varela beach restaurant

Last but not least, we recommend Chiringuito Varela, located in Torre del Mar. The Varela family founded this chiringuito back in 1965 and has been serving espetos and fried fish ever since. Moreover, Víctor, recognised as one of the best bartenders in Spain, serves his carefully crafted cocktail selection here. If you’re in Malaga this summer, do not miss on this relaxing and cozy activity. Explore these top 7 chiringuitos for a memorable seafood and cocktail by the beach experience.

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