Exploring Malaga farewell exhibition: who is Pigsy?

Pigsy standing in front of his artwork
Ciaran McCoy, a Dublin-born artist who’s better known as Pigsy, is set to host an exhibition of his work in Malaga. On May 23rd and 24th, Pigsy will showcase his collection of art made during his residency in Malaga. This collection, under the theme of “Interlocked,” is his way of showing his admiration for the cultural sphere of Malaga. Within the Malaga art scene, Pigsy got recognition for his different alter ego and the way he has made a name for himself in the city. However, this collection includes his older style of work as well.
Pigsy shares that one can truly see the shift in his art work with this exhibition, as it’s quite different from his older work. After the exhibition, if there are any unsold pieces, those will be painted over the following day. This is Pigsy’s way to offer attendees the chance to see and acquire his artwork firsthand. The showcase happens live, but those who can’t make it could also purchase pieces through his Instagram account, @pigsyinspace. Both online and in real life, you can see his self-portraits, semi-biographies, feature-added text, etc.

Expressions in Pigsy exhibition

Previously, some people described his art as either aggressive or angry. However, Pigsy highlights that it’s simply his way of showing the frustrations one experiences when living with dyslexia. He wants people to understand that certain reactions from dyslexic people are not personal. This beautiful and unique exhibition will start at  7 p.m. on May 23rd. You can enjoy the art either alone or with some friends while having a conversation with Pigsy. This is an opportunity to also ask him about things you are curious about regarding his art. On May 24th, the exhibition will be from 8 p.m. until 11 p.m. and will be the last chance to enjoy Pigsy’s artwork live before he relocates.

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