Malaga’s iconic El Pimpi bodega and restaurant: where is its new venue located?

Bodegas El Pimpi, a landmark in Malaga city since august 1971 is extending its wings to Marbella. The business was established by Francisco Compos and Pepe Cobos, two friends that are also businessmen. After more than half a century ago since its launch, Bodegas El Pimpi has employed more than 200 people.

It’s new venture is  located at the Puente Romano Beach Resort and is project that the renowned actor Antonio Banderas is a partner of. The wine barrels, and the authentic gastronomy of El Pimpi is finally to be found in Marbella as well. It is the first establishment outside of Malaga city within the Costa del Sol. The restaurant is  inside the Puente Romano Beach Resort Hotel, in the most Andalusian area of the whole complex.

Updated version of Bodegas El Pimpi

This new venue has a major update when it comes to decorations. It looks much more chic and includes a small area for tapas. The venue was officially open last Friday the 10th of May and is ready to welcome a bunch of visitors. As for gastronomy, the new restaurant will have a similar menu to the one in Malaga. It will include Pimpi prawns, seafood dishes, fried aubergines with honey, meats and assortments of Andalusian cheeses within an affordable price range.

Antonio Banderas has a love history with El Pimpi. The first time he visited this place was when he was only 9 years old and since then, he has been continuously visiting this place he loves. Additionally, he brought his girlfriend there for a romantic dinner and even filmed a scene of his movie El Camino de los Ingleses at El Pimpi. Moreover, Marbella is a town he truly loves because his lovely daughter was born there. Antonio shares that Puente Romano, the new location, is full of other restaurants but it lacked Spanish and Andalusian cuisine.

Àngeles Muñoz, the mayor of Marbella was one of the people that attended the presentation ceremony. He believes that spots like El Pimpi will increase revenue by adding up to the loyalty of visitors. According to him too, El Puente Romano was missing a unique raw material place like Bodegas El Pimpi.

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