Fuengirola Official Language School: where to be at if you wish to learn Spanish

Malaga, a vibrant Costa del Sol city has seen a surge in tourists every year. Now to show their welcome to foreigners, the city plans to establish a Spanish for foreigners course. In September, Fuengirola Official Language School will present the brand new Spanish course boasting up to 800 students. This school has always been all about foreign language certifications and education. They’re known to provide high quality foreign language courses both for foreigners and interested residents.

This new project will focus on different targets depending on skills levels. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced Spanish learner, you will be assigned to the course that will suit you the most. This official language school already have a lineup of French, German and English language programs. What makes it different from other existing Spanish courses in the city is the Basic A1 level offer. So basically you need not have a base in Spanish speaking, writing, reading or listening. Additionally, the whole program and the school has the government support and is backed by them. Which means that you don’t have to worry as you can rest assured to receive the best quality of education in your Spanish language ride.

Perks of the government’s supporting this Spanish course

As the government officially backs up this language school, it adheres to the guidelines of the national education departments. In the eight months language curriculum, instructors teaches you according to the highest standards. These standards aligns with the ones set by the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Moreover, whether you like face to face classes or prefer hybrid learning, all languages expect English courses offer these two formats. So whether you are taking the upcoming Spanish course or the already existing French and German course, you can enjoy these perks.

The Fuengirola Official Language school is a diverse school that boast around 800 learners. This school shows how diverse they are by allowing students aged between 16-70 years to join them. Besides that, students are from all over the world with different nationalities and backgrounds. If this article convinced you to take that upcoming Spanish course “which I hope it did” then mark your calendar real quick. From may 1th till may 20th, the admission will be open for the price of only 78.24 euros. On the other hand, registration itself is from July 1st till July 10th so make sure to not miss it out.

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