Costco’s expansion in Malaga: A New Era of Shopping in Malaga

Today I bring some exciting news for Malaga residents and visitors. Costco, the second-most renowned wholesale supermarket chain, is expanding to Malaga. The supermarket chain has been trying to spread its wings all over Spain and they finally chose Costa del Sol. Previously, they established stores in major cities of Spain, like Madrid, Sevilla, but also in Getafe, Barakaldo and Guadaljara. These stores, surely the ones in Madrid and Sevilla, have seen quite some success, inspiring the project of Costco expansion in Malaga.

The idea of expanding in Malaga is not a small idea, as the centre owners of Malaga Nostrum shopping centre plan to give the centre a complete makeover. Bogaris, the centre owner, plans to initiate this project by transforming the former Conforama furniture store into a cinema. This is a great way to improve local entertainment in Malaga, as cinemas are limited. However, the project is still awaiting approvals to start planning.

Emphasized excitement for Costco expansion in Malaga

The Costco leader in France and Spain recently had a discussion with the mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre. He emphasised how eager they are to integrate into the Nostrum Center as soon as possible. They are so enthusiastic that they set a short timeline to build the store. The Cosco leader of France and Spain shares how to plan to make the new expansion in Malaga operational within nine to ten months. This shows how dedicated they are but also how efficient they strive to work on the project. The project has an estimated budget of €18.3 million and is set to open in 2026.

Costco business model is part of what gave them this major success as a global retail store. Since they work on membership access, they offer you, as a customer, exclusive products at competitive prices. This new store will boast 640 space to park a car, in store sales department and restrooms. Additionally, there will be a restaurant and administrative offices all in the same building to give you the full wholesale retail experience. Moreover, the establishment of a petrol station is also in the talks.

In conclusion, Costco expansion in Malaga is awaited and seen as a new era for shopping affordably but also out of convenience. With all the planned facilities, both locals and tourists will get to enjoy the full retail experience in Malaga. This project is a way of bringing more diversity to the retail options in Costa del Sol.

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