Unravelling the secrets: top spanish retirement towns in Malaga revealed


Spain, a southern country in Europe, will be the second most visited European country in 2023. The country has maintained their position among the top 10 for many years. Costa del Sol is one of the destinations many foreigners choose to retire to. In the past few years, Malaga has gained lots of attention as a great destination for retirees. Which is why it’s one of the most searched locations for second-home buyer prospects.

Malaga not only has one of the most iconic towns, but its capital is also famous for having a fast pace of life. The American website International Living, specialising in the best places to live abroad, focused on Spain in its latest studies. With a focus on the best towns in Spain for retirement, the results show that Benalmádena and Mijas, top the list. Additionally, through studies, guides and advices, americans ended up voting Benalmadena and Mijas as the best towns to retire in. Almuñecar, Sitges, and Miraflores de la Sierra were among the other options they proposed for this study. Although these three towns also have an amazing coastline and warm weather, they did not manage to win the top 2 places.


Located between lively Malaga and luxurious Marbella, Benalmadena is a family-friendly resort town of Malaga province. Benalmadena is only 20 km from the center of Malaga, making it a must-visit day trip. With 67,000 residents, Benalmadena is a town full of attractions and entertainment for an unforgettable stay. Furthermore, the town has one of the most complete tourist attractions in the whole Costa del Sol area.

Attractions available in Benalmadena includes the butterfly park, dolphin shows, sports park, casino, cable car, etc. It sounds a bit like the sin city Las Vegas when you think about it, right? In addition, the study of international living also highlights Yuca, a restaurant with great views and the nudist beach as points of interest in Benalmadena. Moreover, its commuter services that connect Fuengirola and Malaga Center make the town even more convenient for retirees.


About five miles away from the Costa del Sol, you get to see the white andalusian mountain village Mijas. Mijas is a mountain village that overlooks the sea and the beautiful coastal line. The village is home to the golf valley of Andalusia, which attracts expatriates from all over the world. With over 27 great golf courses, an amazing climate and white streets, you instantly get enchanted when you visit.

One of the most iconic things about this village is that you can tour its corners with their famous donkey taxis. These donkey taxis will take you to hot spots, restaurants, and bars, as well as village churches. It is not surprising that Mijas has scored so high on this study. Previously, another study confirmed that Mijas has the highest percentage of expatriates in the whole Costa del Sol.

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