Making a Difference Abroad: Volunteer Opportunities for Expats in Malaga

Have you ever considered making a positive impact while you are working or living abroad? If Malaga is your new home, then you are in luck. The lively city of Costa del Sol is highly renowned for its sunny climate, stunning beaches and rich culture. However, this vibrant city provides a range of volunteering opportunities for expats who want to make an impact. In this guide, we delve into ways expats can get involved and make a difference in the beautiful Malaga community.

Animal Welfare and Rescue Organizations

If you are an animal lover, Malaga would be a paradise for you. Not only are there many dogs you can see on the streets with their owners, but you can also visit animal shelters. The city is home to several animal shelters that take care of and protect mistreated or abandoned animals.

Asociacion Aman provides opportunities for expats to contribute to the welfare of the local community. Founded in 2011, this association aims to promote ethical treatment for animals in the city. In 2017, they initiated a collaboration with the city of Malaga to promote cat adoption from the Malaga Zoosanitary Center. You, as an expat, can assist in feeding, grooming and even participating in adoption processes. Additionally, you can join fundraising events to promote awareness regarding animal welfare.

Language Exchange Programs

Malaga is a city full of diversity. People from all around the world visit the city and sometimes decide to relocate here due to its climate, quality of life, etc. With the thriving tourism economy, the city is now offering more and more language exchange initiatives.

As an expat, you could become a tutor for children, high school students or even university students. Additionally, you could also become a conversation partner for higher education students to improve their language skills. If you are the one who seeks to improve your Spanish skills, Worldpackers offers a language immersion opportunity. They will provide you with a bed, three meals a day, free internet, etc. On the other hand, they expect you to help out with painting and decoration, cleaning, gardening, social work and so on.

Social Services

There are several nonprofit organisations in Malaga that support vulnerable populations and increase awareness about social issues. Social services like Bancosol are pretty famous in Malaga. It is actually a social assistance center that is now the second-largest network to support families in crisis. They provide food banks, clothing and job assistances to those in need.

Expats can help out with the provision of these goods, but also in raising awareness and providing support to smaller minorities. Foreigners, people from different sexual orientations, and homeless people tend to need extra help and support. Besides organisations like this, you can also volunteer at youth centers, events or elderly facilities. This is a rewarding experience to make an impact on people’s lives while they integrate into the community.


Volunteering in Malaga is a great opportunity to immerse yourself into the culture and make a big impact. Ranging from hotels to animal shelters, there are several fields offering you a chance to work for the greater good. Additionally, you could volunteer for conservation and environmental initiatives, like working at the Sierra de Las Nieves.

As you can see, if you want it, you can do it. Thankfully, websites like WorldPackers offers a roof and food in exchange for your volunteering. However, if you already relocated in Malaga and have your own house, you can also do some daily volunteerings. Together, we can make and be the change.

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