Rise and Shine: Exploring Malaga’s Finest Breakfast spots in March 2024

As we already know, Malaga is celebrated for its paella, tapas bars, and seafood restaurants at La Malagueta. However, the city isn’t solely praised for these dishes. It’s also acclaimed for its mouthwatering breakfast options. Whether you are searching for an authentic Spanish breakfast or a new go-to breakfast spot, Malaga has several options that will suit your taste. In this article, we uncover the best 4 breakfast spots in Malaga, updated to March 2024.


While having a stroll in the center of Malaga, there is a high chance that you have spotted a Brunchit cafe. It has three locations dispersed over the center. Brunchit Alhóngdia, Carreteria and Alcazabilla are all highly rated on google and tripadvisor. It has a diverse menu with several spanish breakfast options making locals rave about this charming spot.

The interior design is cozy and modern. Visitors never fail to mention the warm welcome they receive from the friendly staff. All three locations are spacious enough to bring friends or family for a cozy breakfast or brunch date. Their egg Benedict and creamy avocado toast, along with a variety of traditional dishes, add to the reason why this place is not somewhere you only visit once.

If you are craving an authentic breakfast or brunch, do not hesitate to visit either one of the three Brunchit locations. Enjoy the food, the coziness and, of course, the warmth that the staff will provide.

Casa Aranda

Ever craved churros and chocolate in Malaga but didn’t know where to go? Next time, consider Casa Aranda. This cafe is a weekly go-to for several reasons. To begin with, they serve the best churros and chocolate in the city. Secondly, you have several sandwich options, along with beer and outdoor seating. Additionally, it’s opening hours range from 8am to 8 p.m., with a lunch break in between. Their opening hours make it the perfect spot for sweets after a night out in the city.

For those with an early shift at work, and in need of a quick breakfast, Casa Aranda is the solution. Casa Aranda has been around for over 80 years, making it one of the most legendary businesses in Malaga. A few years ago, they opened another location near the Thyssen Museums due to the cafe’s fame and location.

La Recova

La Recova will transport you into a traditional and authentic Spanish cafe. This cafe aims to restore the reputation of potters, weavers, basket makers and so on. According to the owner, mass production and department stores have taken over the lead in society, making artisans secondary. To remind people of the importance of craftsmanship, they select the best local artisans works and use them as decorations.

All the antique objects that La Recova gathers from local workshops are for sale. Their selection reminds people of their old grandparents house, making it quite nostalgic. Furthermore, their menu selection is just as authentic. With homemade vermouths, olive oils and sweet wines, you will simply have a memorable experience at this cafe. Additionally, many of their plates are gluten-free, making it a healthy traditional breakfast cafe.

The Cosy Corner

Are you in Malaga and want to wander around its neighbourhood? Torremolinos is a visitor and local favourite for a quick trip outside the center. With only half-hour drive, Torremolinos is a beautiful getaway that has a lot to offer. While we are at it, The Cosy Corner is one of the best breakfast options in the Torremolinos area.

Their menu is quite varied, offering different types of coffees, teas and vegan cuisine options. With a current score of 4.8 stars, this restaurant surely succeeded in proving itself. The prices are considered to be well worth it for the quality of food served. Besides, you get an amazing view of the beach while enjoying your food. This place is extremely famous so I recommend you book a seat before visiting, especially if you are going with someone.

As you can see, Malaga has several options when it comes to breakfast spots. Whether you are seeking a vegan breakfast or one with a scenic view, the city has something for everyone. Remember, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So, no excuse, go and have a bite to start a beautiful day.


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