Exploring E-Cigarette Disposal Options in Malaga: Where Can I Safely Dispose of Them

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As technology advances, the amount of electronic waste that humans make is emerging. Malaga has implemented ways to discard electronic waste, including e-cigarettes. This implementation reduces the environmental risk of electronic waste.

Electronic Waste in Spain

Electronic waste, derived from electronic devices, is becoming a huge concern in Spain. In general, electronic waste is attributed to the faster life span of electronic devices and the fast advancement of technology. Spain has a huge annual amount of electronic waste per household. This waste comes from discarded mobile phones, computers, and televisions and others. The country scores as the number 5 European country with the most e-waste per year.  This is not a ranking that Spain or any other country would be proud of. The annual e-waste per household equals 18 computers in weight. For all households together, the annual e-waste total is around 920.109.580 kg, which equals 54 submarines.


E-cigarettes, also known as vapes, are battery-powered devices that consist of a heating element and a liquid reservoir. The liquid solution contains nicotine, flavorings and other chemicals to serve as a substitute for traditional tobacco. It has disposable and refillable models and is known to be less harmful for the human body. However, it’s health effects in the long term have concerned users and are still being studied. Additionally, it is very bad for bystanders, surely youths, as they can inhale the aerosol involuntarily. Beside this, users have used e-cigarettes to deliver substances like marijuana.

Environmental Waste Facility

In late 2022, the government established an environmental waste facility in Benalmadema, Malaga. This facility offers residents to quickly dispose of hazardous household products. This facility operates 24/7 with visual signs of the type of waste accepted in each bin. Specific waste bins for ink toners, light bulbs, mobile phones, car batteries, engine oil and paint. Pickups occur once a week. However, furniture and garden waste do not belong here. This initiative facilitates the disposal of electronic objects in an environmentally safe manner, either through recycling or proper disposal.

WEEE program Malaga

Firstly, Malaga is implementing various actions regarding sustainability and zero environmental waste due to the eCityMalaga project. This project aims to make the Malaga Techpark the first sustainable urban park in the city. Specific actions include the “Green League” initiative. This initiative encourages the recycling of electronic waste (WEEE) in the workplace. The program includes online training on environmental issues and electronic waste bins set up in the park. Additionally, the Ecolec Foundation is available for support and to provide information regarding the project to any curious local.

Fun fact: according to an international survey, 45% of smoking tourists do not prefer Spain as a travel destination due to its smoking laws.

In conclusion, Spain has been trying to implement different impactful ways to reduce electronic waste. Nonetheless, there is still room for improvement. There should be a bigger focus on promoting awareness of sustainable practices regarding electronic devices.

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