Malaga’s International Blend: Exploring the Diversity of Foreign Residents


Located on the coast of southern Spain, Malaga is not only a gorgeous destination but also a vibrant multicultural area. As the expatriate population of Malaga is rising, one might wonder, “How diverse is Malaga’s international community?”. Let’s discover Malaga’s multicultural community by exploring the things that shape its expatriate community.

Exploring Malaga’s Global Residents

In the last year, there has been a significant increase in Malaga’s population. 21.165 out of the 26.181 population surge are foreigners. The surge of foreigners is often related to climate, lifestyle or economic possibilities. British people are the largest group of foreigners residing in Malaga. As of 2023, more than 56,019 British people called Malaga home. Next up, there are Moroccans and Romanians. The increase in the foreign population is seen as a great thing for Malaga’ s economic growth and diversity.

Economic Influence

Malaga has been going through an economic revolution, surely attracting foreigners in the technology field. Business experts advocate Malaga as an investment-friendly environment. It’s quality of life also deserves praise as it helps attract foreign talents. Malaga, a city highly recognised by the UN, topped Andalucia’s foreign investment ranking.

International Companies

Vodafone and EY contribute to the global presence in Malaga by setting up their operations here. Google set up its cybersecurity center in Malaga late last year. Proving even more that Malaga deserves its rumoured title of the Sillicon Valley of Europe.

In conclusion, factors such as economic opportunities, warm climate and amazing lifestyle contribute to the foreign resident surge in Malaga. Of course, factors as gastronomical heaven and tourism sector like many others, plays a major part in this as well.

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