Family Theatre in May

Because of the theatre festival, The Cervantes Theatre organised a series of children’s theaters during the month of May. The host, The Cervantes Theatre, is a renowned  venue for cultural performances, concerts and shows. Builders constructed this theatre with an ornate ceiling mural during the nineteenth century. To entertain children and families, there will be several activities in the different parks of Malaga. The language used will be Spanish, but since this is all about funny outfits and puppet shows.

Schedule of the Theatre

On friday, May 10th, the performance Peneque, cien por cien valiente will take place at Auditorio Curro Román in El Palo. The following week, on Friday, May 17th, the same performance will take place but at Parque de la Alegría, Ciudad Jardin. On saturday, the 18th of may, a different play called Kiku will take place Parque de Martiricos. Lastly, for the final day on Sunday, the 19th of May, the performance De flor en flor will take place. This will be the closure of this beautiful event, which will take place at the famous Parque de Huelin. Children aged 3 and above are all suitable for the abovementioned performances that will start at 7:30. Additionally, the Kiku performance is suitable for very young children to watch. The last performance, De flor en flor, is only suitable for children aged 4 or older, not younger. Entrance is free but to secure a seat, you have to get there early.