Where to watch football, rugby and other sports in Malaga? Guide to sports bars

If you are a sports lover staying in Malaga, you must be wondering if there is a sports bar nearby. The answer is, of course, several ones at that. Whether you want to watch football, rugby, basketball, etc., Malaga has various options to choose from. Although the world depends heavily on technology and digitalization, finding live, free and legal websites to enjoy football is not easy. Even if they do exist, the experience you get with sports bar ambiance is unique. This guide will uncover the top 4 sports bars in Malaga to enjoy watching matches with a drink.

Sherlock Holmes Malaga

This is a British-style bar located at Calle Molina Larios, near the cathedral of Malaga. Sherlock Holmes Malaga offers a thrilling and unique watching experience. Not only does it provide a British charm, but you also get to feel the Spanish hospitality with drinks from both countries. With multiple screens inside the bar, you get to fixate on the screen nearest to you with ease. You can watch football, volleyball, rugby and so on at this bar. They have a great range of both English and Spanish matches, letting you cheer with the team on your side.

Camden Town Pub

It might sound weird to hear that this pub is actually an Irish pub. This Irish pub’s name is inspired by the vibrant Camden Town in London, UK. Camden Town is always full of shops, food zones and even famous English singers like Harry Styles merchandise is available there. This pub is a local and tourist favourite for its stylish and cozy ambiance. The decor is a mix of typical Irish decor and vintage themes. It’s located at La Malagueta, near the beach and is the perfect spot for a relaxing match session on big screens with friends. The pub has a wide variety of gins, whiskey and rums you could indulge in.

Celtic Druids Bar

Transport yourself to the ancient Celtic fantasy world at the Celtic Druids Bar. Located at La Plaza Merced, it always attracts people passing by. This bar is more than a simple bar, it offers Irish breakfast, lunches, Spanish tapas, and, of course, a variety of Irish beers. The bar has a dark and cozy inside vibe and a bright terrace to sit on and enjoy the outside view. The Matches menu is full of sports lovers. You get to choose from the fine selection of beer before you sit down and enjoy a beautiful match. This bar has long opening hours along with great food. Meaning its the perfect place to watch that match you had in your schedule, regardless of whether it was in the morning or at night.

Morrissey’s Irish Pub

If you crave an authentic and non-cliche taste of Ireland, Morrissey’s Irish Pub is the ideal place for you. Situated in the heart of Malaga, this place maintains a balance of authentic Irish decor while avoiding typical Irish pub tropes.  Additionally, the bar gives off warmth and hospitality, making it the perfect place to bring friends for a night of sports and socialising. They serve authentic Guinness drinks and several other drinks, along with Irish food. As a sports fan, you can visit this pub and enjoy all the football and rugby games you want.

Whether you are a die-hard football fan or simply enjoy the Champions League and the World Cup, these sports bars have something for everyone. In addition, you can also be entertained by rugby matches, volleyball, basketball, etc. in trendy hangout spots. Invite your friends or colleagues to cheer on your teams in all styles.

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